More than a traditional bed company, Mammoth uses a unique material originally created exclusively for the healthcare industry to improve the performance and well-being of elite athletes. Today Mammoth beds and mattresses give everyone the opportunity to enjoy comfort and rejuvenation like never before. Find out more.

Mammoth Beds

The Mammoth collection

Developed around Mammoth's proprietary Medical Grade™ Foam along with carefully selected modern fabrics, the Mammoth collection is specifically designed to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. These technologically-advanced materials also provide perfect support, helping to relieve pressure and reduce back and neck pain.

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Your best sleep ever

Mammoth's resident sleep expert, Dr Jonathon Bloomfield, is one of the UK's leaders in sleep, fatigue and human performance. In this video he offers his top tips for getting a better night's rest, explaining how you can improve your sleep patterns by optimising your sleep environment.


The Mammoth story

Mammoth was founded by John Tuton, a former medical executive who developed the first Mammoth prototype after suffering a serious injury to his back and ribs while playing rugby in his twenties.

Today, John and the team at Mammoth are dedicated to improving the sleep of thousands of people across the UK through Mammoth's unique Medical Grade™ Foam. Medical Grade™ Foam provides responsive pressure-relieving support but unlike regular memory foam does not retain heat, so you'll enjoy a cooler and more comoftable night's sleep.

Mammoth John Tuton
Mammoth story

The science of being well

Mammoth believes that sleep has the power to improve every aspect of well-being. In partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Mammoth is committed to developing beds and mattresses that ensure you can enjoy more good nights - and great days.

All Mammoth mattresses incorporate Medical Grade™ Foam that responds instantly to your size and shape, relieving pressure on sore muscles, improving circulation, and absorbing motion for an undisturbed nights sleep. Rigorously tested under laboratory conditions at the University of Northumbria's Centre of Sleep Research (2012). Mammoth's mattresses have been scientifically shown to improve sleep.

Mammoth Get a good night sleep

With a Mammoth mattress, you can look forward to waking up feeling rested and rejuvenated. Whether you choose a traditional style Mammoth mattress or a roll up mattress, the unique combination of pressure-relieving Medical Grade Foam and technologically-advanced materials ensures that you’ll sleep in perfect comfort. Remember, Mammoth’s Medical Grade Foam is quite different from regular memory foam mattresses as it does not retain heat. If you tend to overheat while sleeping, you’ll enjoy how cool and comfortable you feel on a Mammoth mattres.

Mammoth mattresses are available in a wide selection of sizes – single, double, small double, queen, king size and super king size – so whatever the size of your bed frame, you’ll find one that fits just right (and if you do need a bed base, you’ll find that Mammoth makes beautifully upholstered divan bases too). Pair your new mattress with an ultra-comfortable Mammoth memory foam pillow, specially designed to help reduce back and neck pain.

So treat you and your bedroom – or even your guest room or kid’s room – to a new Mammoth mattress. And look forward to a truly wonderful night’s sleep.