Silentnight believes that everyone should wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Whether you’re a twister, a turner or a sink-in snoozer, a Silentnight mattress can help you get the perfect night’s sleep. Plus Silentnight combines tradition with technology to create innovative, sleep-changing mattresses – like the Furniture Village-exclusive Silentnight Revitalise range of mattresses.

Why Silentnight?

The UK’s most trusted sleep brand

Handmade in the UK

Over 75-years of experience

20-year structural guarantee

Introducing our new Revitalise collection

Introducing our new
Revitalise collection


The UK’s most trusted sleep brand

Handmade in the UK

Over 75-years of experience

20-year structural guarantee

Sleep Tips

  • Regular sleep schedule

    Regular sleep schedule

    Going to bed and getting up at the same time each day helps you to get into a regular sleep pattern. That includes weekends too!

  • The best sleep environment

    The best sleep environment

    To help promote quality sleep, your bedroom should be as cool, quiet and dark as possible. The ideal room temperature is 19°, as a cool bedroom helps your body temperature drop at night in preparation for sleep.

  • Limit screen time

    Limit screen time

    Spending time looking at the screen before going to bed has a negative impact on sleep. Phones and other devices emit a blue light, which simulates daylight, and blocks melatonin production.

  • Avoid looking at the clock

    Avoid looking at the clock

    Clock watching will only make your sleep anxiety worse, so turn your clock the other way, and if you keep your phone next to your bed, place it face down.

About Silentnight

About Silentnight


Which Silentnight bed is right for me?

Choosing a Silentnight bed couldn’t be simpler with our wide choice of ready-made divan sets. There’s a sleep solution for everyone, with many Silentnight mattresses available alongside one of its beautiful divans or ottomans at a great-value price.

Which Silentnight mattress is right for me?

When it comes to choosing a Silentnight mattress, consider your unique sleep needs. Maybe you toss and turn during the night and need extra support from your mattress to maintain a comfortable sleeping position for longer. Or perhaps getting too hot at night prevents you from easily falling asleep and staying asleep. Silentnight’s Miracoil range is one of our most popular. It features Silentnight’s impressive bounce-back comfort that responds to your body as you twist and turn, as well as promoting perfect spinal alignment and reducing roll together, so that you and your partner enjoy better sleep.

Mirapocket is Silentnight’s own pocketed spring system where every spring is housed in its own soft fabric pocket. This spring system is designed to direct pressure relief where you need it most for an ultra-responsive sleep surface. Only available at Furniture Village, the Silentnight Revitalise range of mattresses and beds represents a true innovation. Made with ActiveBreathe, these mattresses have a wonderfully cushioning foam-like feel but are ten times more breathable than regular memory foam mattresses – ideal if you tend to get too hot at night.

For more help and guidance as you choose your next mattress, check out mattress buying guide.

What is the Silentnight Eco range?

The Silentnight Eco range delivers a great night’s sleep that’s also kind to the planet. Its secret? The breathable, hypoallergenic Eco Comfort Fibre™ layer that’s made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

How often should I rotate my Silentnight mattress?

All mattresses benefit from being rotated on a regular basis. Rotating a mattress means turning the mattress round so the head end is at the foot end and vice versa. This helps to ensure that the mattress wears evenly. (Please note – rotating a mattress is quite different from turning a mattress. Turning a mattress means flipping it over to sleep on the other side. Not all mattresses require turning.) All mattresses, including Silentnight mattresses, should be rotated approximately every three months. If you find it hard to remember when you last rotated your mattress, try to get into the habit of rotating it seasonally.

Is Silentnight a good brand?

Yes! In fact, based on independent research, Silentnight is the UK’s most trusted bed brand. And at Furniture Village, we’re more than happy to recommend Silentnight beds and mattresses to our customers. We’re very confident that they offer great value for money, exceptional standards of quality, and tried and tested innovative technology that can help everyone sleep better.

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