Silentnight believes that waking up feeling rested and refreshed is a luxury everyone should enjoy.
Whether you’re a twister and a turner or a sink-in snoozer or you simply want to do your bit for the planet, Silentnight, and its
more than 75 years of bed-making experience and research, can help you get the perfect night’s sleep.

Why Silentnight?

The UK's most trusted sleep brand

Award-winning sustainabilty

Tried and tested for quality

Handmade in the UK


UK's most trusted sleep brand

Over 70 years experience

Handmade in the UK

Tried and tested

Why buy Silentnight?

Silentnight understands that sleep is personal

When it comes to sleep, no two sleepers are the same. That’s why Silentnight’s fantastic range of beds caters for everyone, from twisters and turners to planet savers and sink-in snoozers. Many feature Silentnight’s very own Mirapocket and Miracoil spring systems, offering uniquely responsive comfort and bounce-back support. And if you need to keep cool, its heat-dispersing Geltex mattresses are a must.

Dedicated to having a positive impact on our planet

Silentnight is proud of its award-winning sustainability initiatives, and rightly so. As a carbon neutral organisation that sends zero waste to landfill, Silentnight ensures that its products are made in a responsible and ethical way. In fact, every year it saves over 450 million plastic bottles from entering the sea and landfill. It's clear that choosing a Silentnight mattress means you're doing your part to make the world a greener place.

Silentnight sustainabilty
20-year guarantee

Our 20-year guarantee gives you peace of mind

We know that reliability and peace of mind matter to you. That’s why we guarantee every structural element of Silentnight’s divan beds, mattresses and headboards we sell. It’s just one more way Silentnight can help you sleep peacefully.

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Which Silentnight bed is right for me?

Choosing a Silentnight bed couldn’t be simpler with our wide choice of ready-made divan sets. There’s a sleep solution for everyone, with many Silentnight mattresses available alongside one of its beautiful divans or ottomans at a great-value price.

Which Silentnight mattress is right for me?

When it comes to choosing a Silentnight mattress, consider your unique sleep needs. Maybe you toss and turn during the night and need extra support, or perhaps getting too hot prevents you from falling asleep?

Silentnight’s Miracoil range is one of our most popular. It features Silentnight’s impressive bounce-back comfort that responds to your body as you twist and turn, as well as promoting perfect spinal alignment and reduced ‘roll together’, reducing movement from your partner.

Mirapocket is Silentnight’s own pocket spring system where every spring is housed in its own soft cloth pocket. They’re designed to direct pressure relief where you need it most for an ultra-responsive sleep surface.

For more tips, check out our mattress buying guide.

What is the Silentnight Eco range?

The Silentnight Eco range delivers a great night’s sleep that’s also kind to the planet. Its secret? A breathable, hypoallergenic Eco Comfort Fibre™ layer made from 100% recycled bottles. Choose between Silentnight’s Miracoil and Mirapocket spring systems and firmness levels to find the perfect eco-friendly mattress for you.