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What is the best colour scheme for your dining room? It’s all down to personal taste. Looking for ideas? Read this Furniture Village guide for some inspiration.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips Lifestyle
Food… fashion… furniture; we can’t think of anything the Scandinavians don’t do well.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips Lifestyle
The pastel colour scheme is summer’s favourite combo.
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When it comes to contemporary dining, there’s a new trend in town. Nordic Fusion is a superbly cool, sophisticated blend of Nordic design and Japanese style.
Hints & Tips
If you’re looking for the best dining table for your home, or want to buy dining chairs to complement your existing table, it can be difficult to know where to start.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips Look Books
The Modern Country look is for those who find the country living look appealing, but feel it’s a touch too traditional.
Whether it’s a dinner for one, an intimate date or a big soiree, follow our five pieces of advice on how to dress up that simple dining table.
Hints & Tips
Choosing the perfect dining table isn’t as easy as it sounds.
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In the words of Bertrand Russell: “Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.”
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