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Kitchen dining room ideas

A combined kitchen and dining area makes perfect sense – you have the space where food is prepared on one side, and a table and chairs for it to be enjoyed on the other. With social and family occasions, whoever’s cooking in the kitchen can join in the conversation, or if mum and dad are making a meal younger family members can sit at the table with their homework. Choose furniture and colours that create a sense of cohesion between the two areas, and also make it warm, inviting and functional. These 6 great Furniture Village ideas will help.
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1. Master the kitchen dining room

The kitchen can be a tricky area, as appliances and units are in a fixed position and unable to move – so you can’t easily change things according to your mood. As a result, your kitchen dining room ideas will depend on what your kitchen allows.

It may be that your kitchen offers enough space to the side to get a space-saving dining table in, as well as some chairs, but if not you could consider a bar table instead. Or make use of an island unit, which offers an extra work surface and storage, with bar stools next to it. An island or kitchen counter can also create a natural divide between your kitchen and dining spaces.

Some kitchen appliances make noise, which may disturb your guests so try to purchase items that operate as quietly as possible, or banish the loudest, like the washing machine, to a utility room if possible. Soft furnishings on the dining side, such as cushions, rugs or sofas, can help to absorb any noise.

It can be a tricky balance, even if you’re building both your kitchen and dining areas from scratch. Buy a powerful extractor fan, so cooking smells won’t be absorbed into your dining room furniture.

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2. Unite your kitchen diner spaces

A kitchen and dining room should blend seamlessly into each other, sharing colours, textures and materials for a cohesive look. This is easier on the eye, and helps the space feel warm and welcoming.

Using the same flooring across both spaces is the easiest way to perfect your dining room in kitchen look. Go for a solid block of colour in a material of your choice, which will help to enhance the feeling of space.

Look at the materials that have been used in your kitchen and follow this through into your choice of dining table and chairs. If you have an open plan oak kitchen, go for an oak dining table and chairs or a wooden dining bench. If you have marble tops, try a marble dining table, and so on.

Match colours too, so a charcoal worktop in the kitchen could be balanced with grey dining chairs or grey cushions. Try the same theme across the two spaces, such as rustic or industrial.

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3. Add the right dining lighting

Multi-functional rooms can be tricky to light, and in the case of the dining room in kitchen, you may need various light sources to suit different requirements – from helping with food preparation to setting the mood for dinner.

As a general rule, use the same style of lighting throughout the entire space. Matching ceiling light fixtures across both areas adds consistency, with large pendant lights above the dining table a particularly stunning look – hang a set at the same height in the kitchen for balance.

The kitchen may have a few extra light sources, such as under-cabinet lighting, or accent lighting used to highlight certain features. Some appliances will give off light too, and there might be reflective surfaces, such as a high-gloss dining table. All of this needs to be taken into account with your lighting.Also consider the amount of natural light. Large windows, skylights and glazed doors are popular in modern kitchen design, and may reduce your reliance on artificial lighting.

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4. Clever storage for your kitchen dining room

When combining the furniture, fixtures and fittings of two traditionally separate rooms into one, it pays to keep the space clutter-free, helping the area to flow in terms of both form and function. Kitchen dining room ideas involving plenty of storage can help.

A modern kitchen is sure to feature plenty of storage anyway for plates, cutlery and food, but with a dining area to cater to as well, you can never have too much. Sneak in pull-out racks and magic corners, and if you go with an island for dining, make sure it has storage built in.

If your dining area has room for a separate dining table, consider a dining bench with added storage for the seating, which will accommodate more people than a set of chairs and give you somewhere to keep spare table linens. A slimline sideboard or display cabinet could give you a place to hide extra cutlery sets.

Also consider shelves. The wall-mounted variety can be placed high up if space is a concern, used to show more cutlery or personal items. Floating shelves give a modern look.

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5. Use space-saving kitchen dining room furniture

It might be that you are limited on space for your dining room in kitchen ideas, and not able to squeeze in a full-size dining table and chairs. Fear not, you just need careful planning.

See if a space-saving dining table will fit. In the smallest of spaces, a drop leaf dining table or a foldaway might work, placing it in the kitchen when needed. Or try a simple bar table, paired with a set of bar stools.

If you do have somewhere for a table, something slimline or round will seem less imposing than most. Look to a glass dining table set also.

For seating, try a dining bench, which can tuck in under the table and seat more people than chairs. Or buy folding dining chairs, which can be added or stored away as needed.

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6. Brighten the space with accessories

As well as the décor and furniture, accessories can be used to help the two sides of the room work together. These are kitchen dining room ideas that make a warm and inviting space.

Try a particular theme, whether it’s based on colour or material, or a particular design trend or interest. Natural products or vibrant shades are good for warming up a space with a white or pale backdrop, so look to wooden tableware or granite placemats, or a bold accent, introduced through yellow cushions, with matching vases, lampshades and other ornaments.

You could look to a huge piece of wall art, positioned between the kitchen and dining areas, to link the two spaces together. Or buy a vintage china collection or retro posters, and display them over both sides – another easy way to create cohesion.

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