Glossary of terms

Here at Furniture Village we know that all those technical terms can be baffling. Our comprehensive furniture glossary ensures that you know your stuff before making your purchase with us.

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20 Year structural guarantee

Every sofa, every bed, and all dining and bedroom furniture comes with our free 20 year guarantee, covering all structural elements including frames, springs and webbing, timber, veneers, structural stability and joints, bed frames and springs.


A style of modern design that experiments with shapes and forms.

Accent chair

An accent chair is a statement or occasional chair that can be bold and modern or traditional and ornate in design, often upholstered in a statement fabric, our accent chairs add a little wow factor to your living space.

Active turns

Active turns refers to the number of coils in a spring. The more active turns in a single continuous pocket spring, the more responsive it is, meaning a more even distribution of vertical downward pressure for greater support.

Adjustable bed

Adjustable beds are a great option for anyone struggling to get in and out of bed or even to gain a comfortable night's sleep. Our remote-controlled, adjustable beds can help at the touch of a button.

Alcove shelving

Alcove shelving is shelving that fits neatly into an alcove space in a room, so it is flush with the rest of the wall.

Angled armrest

An angled armrest is a slanted armrest designed to support your arm.

Aniline leather

Aniline leather is a type of leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes that retain the hide's natural surface with the 'grain'. For this reason, aniline leather is one of the most popular finishings in leather manufacturing. Only high quality leathers are suitable for an aniline finish. This leather is soft and supple with a rich, penetrating colour. Also see Semi-aniline leather.

Antique style

The word antique usually refers to a collectible item, that's at least 100 years old. Antique style is where furniture has elements from earlier times, for example a table might have ball feet or a sofa might have a scroll arm.

Art Deco

Art Deco is a popular decorative style of the 1920s and 1930s, also known as style moderne, characterised by stylised, often symmetrical, geometric forms. Modern style with rich materials and an attention to fine craftsmanship.

Asymmetric legs

A popular modern style where the legs or a table or chair are not symmetrical, giving the piece a little added character.

Back support

Furniture with inbuilt support for the back, such as extra padding to support the lumbar region.

Ball foot/Ball feet

Ball feet give furniture a slightly more traditional style. Seen on sofas and chairs, particularly classic styles, which looks like a carved ball sitting at the end of the chair leg.

Bar table

A bar table is a taller, often round dining table. Popular in open plan kitchens and annexes. Accompanied by bar stools.


Baroque is an ornamental, decorative European style from the 18th Century. Often featuring ornate mouldings and crests.

Battery recliner

A battery recliner is a power recliner sofa or chair operated by a battery pack rather than being plugged into the mains. With replaceable batteries.


Beading is a narrow strip of wood used for decorating furniture.

Bed frame

Bed frame is another term for bedstead. The frame of a bed, including the slats or top, legs and sometimes headboard.


A bedstead or bed frame is the frame of a bed, including the slats or top, legs and often the headboard.

Bevelled edge

A bevelled edge is where a right-angled table or surface edge, usually in wood furniture, is planed to an angle. Similar to a chamfered edge.

Bolster cushion

A bolster cushion is a long, cylindrical pillow or cushion filled with cotton, down or fibre. Bolsters are usually firm for back or arm support and often decorative. They are not a standard size or shape and commonly have a zip or hook-and-loop fastening.

Bonded leather

Bonded leather is a type of faux leather made of a material such as plyurethane or vinyl. Often used for dining chairs, this 'leather' is family friendly and easy to clean.

Bracket feet

Bracket feet are a traditional style of feet in cabinetry, these are corner feet with a concave line. They can be quite decorative or plainer in style.

Bridle joint

A bridle joint is an extra strong woodworking joint.

Bull nose foam

With bull nose foam the clue is in the name. Cushion foam cut with a rounded edge for garden and patio furniture.

Bun foot

The bun foot was made popular in the late 17th Century, a type of wooden foot shaped like a flatted sphere.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are two beds where one is raised above the other, the top bunk often reached by ladder. A great space saving piece of furniture for children's bedrooms.


A bureau is a traditional writing desk, a bureau usually comes with drawers below and a top hinged angled section that drops down to provide a writing surface. Often contains cubby holes within the top section.

Button back

Button back refers to a style detail, where the back of a chair is buttoned.


Buttoned is a decorative style detail in furniture, with stitching through fabric and the layers of filling or padding beneath that is pulled and secured with a button. This technique is used on mattresses and also on sofas and chairs, where buttoning can create a traditional look or enhance contemporary designs.

Cabin bed

A cabin bed is a mid-height bed, usually for children, that includes drawer or cupboard storage beneath the bed.

Cabriole Leg

The cabriole leg is a distinctive traditional style of leg with a curve and a foot.


A candelabra is a decorative light fitting with arms that hold multiple candles or lights.

Cantilever frame

Popular in dining chair design, cantilever frames are generally formed in a Z-shape or a backwards curve. Often paired with understated seats, they lend conservative designs a modern edge.


Our protection plan which covers accidental damage to new furniture. Care+ offers you peace of mind and protection from unexpected repair costs. Which means you can enjoy your new furniture to the full from the day it arrives.

Castellated memory foam

Memory foam with castellations to create airflow, preventing overheating.

Castor cups

Castor cups and glides can be placed under castor wheels or the legs of furniture to provide effective protection for hard or carpeted floors.

Castor wheels

Providing a classic finish to sofas or chairs and able to support a variety of weights, castor wheels are suitable for most floor types thanks to their protective casing. Their ability to rotate 360-degrees, makes it easy to rearrange living room furniture.


Castors are wheels, usually made from metal, attached to the legs of furniture to allow it to be moved easily. Often found on traditional style sofas.

Chaise end

A chaise end adds to the luxury of a sofa. Many of our modular ranges include a chaise end option. Perfect for lounging and relaxing, many chaise ends have inbuilt storage to hide away the clutter.

Chaise longue or lounge

A chaise longue is a chair with or without arms with its seat extended to be long enough to recline on.

Chaise sofa

Adding more flexibility, some of our sofa and corner sofa ranges offer a chaise option. The 'chaise end' allows for more versatile seating arangements. Perfect for a more compact living space. Some of our chaise end sofas include useful storage within the chaise end.


A chamfer is where the top corner of a right-angled furniture edge is planed to an angle, softening the line.


Chesterfield sofas are large sofas with rolled arms the same height as the back, and typically with signature deep button tufting and nail-head trim. Attractive in a classic home or as a signature vintage touch in a modern interior.

Cheval mirror

A cheval mirror is a full-length mirror that is attached to a frame for support. The mirror swivels within the frame so you can admire yourself from every angle.

Chrome accents

The term chrome accents is often used when referring to modern furniture, meaning detailing with a chrome finish.

Classic back

Classic back is a term used for sofas or armcharis with fixed back cushions filled with feather, foam or fibre.

Classic French Style

The classic French style includes both the elaborate furniture of Paris for aristocrats and the more relaxed and rustic provincial furniture. Features could include cabriole legs and rush seats.

Clic Clac sofa bed

A clic clac sofa bed is a fast and convenient way to transform your sofa into a bed. Simply push down the back rest until it's level with the seating cushions.

Coil sprung

Sofas and beds can be coil sprung. Open coil mattresses and sofa interiors have shaped springs linked by a wire for a springy, comfortable sit (or sleep!)

Cold cure foam

Cold cure foam is a popular seat cushion filling of high density polyurethane foam produced without the application of heat giving it a closed structure that adds to its strength. This type of foam holds its shape very well. Foam flex is a brand name for this type of foam.

Combination mattress

A combination mattress combines more than one type of filling, for example pocket springs and memory foam. Combining qualities and giving the customer the best of both worlds.

Console table

A console table is an occasional table with a narrow profile, often chosen for hallways but also attractive in a living room, kitchen or annexe.


Contemporary refers to a modern style of furniture that is current, or of the present day.

Continental drawers

Sometimes known as 'conti' drawers, continental drawers are small drawers in the base of a divan bed. Very useful hidden storage when you are short of space, perfect for spare bedding and linens.


An outline defining a shape. Referring to the contoured back of a sofa, for example.

Contoured seat

A contoured seat is another way of describing a shaped seat.

Contoured top or back

The shaped back of a chair or sofa, or the shaped top of a headboard can be called a countoured top or back.

Corner chaise

A corner chaise sofa is a corner sofa that includes a chaise, where one of the seats has an extra section so it is possible to recline on it. Perfect for relaxing after a hard day.

Corner desk

A corner desk has an extra area at the side. Making it a good way to make the most of space and have extra room for working.

Corniced top

A corniced top is an overhanging or projecting top that can be moulded or decorative.

Corrected grain leather

Corrected grain leather has had the surface grain partially removed to remove some of the hallmarks and 'corrected' to improve its appearance.


Coving is a concave surface joining a ceiling and a wall

Crema Marfil

Crema Marfil is a beautiful, beige coloured marble from Spain.

Cuddle chair

A Cuddle chair is like a Snuggle chair or Love seat, a chair with a wider seat that is big enough for one person to stretch out on and two to cuddle up on.


Cutwork is often found in wood, where holes are cut to create a decorative effect.


Damask fabric is a heavy linen or silk fabric with a pattern woven into it. Often used in upholstery.


The day bed is a versatile piece of furniture, usually a full-sized single bed with upright arms and a back. This can be dressed as a sofa by day and used as a bed at night, or for those afternoon naps.

Divan bed

A divan bed is a solid, comfortable base for your mattress and headboard, available in a multitude of fabrics and luxury finishes. Many include useful drawer storage. There are deep, medium and shallow divan bases.

Dovetail joint

The dovetail joint is a type of joint with interlocking pins which has a high tensile strength and so is difficult to pull apart. A sign of high quality furniture.

Dressing Table

A dressing table is a bedroom table, usually with drawers and a mirror and an accompanying stool. Usually used for preparing to go out in the morning or evening.

Drop down manual headrest

This supportive headrest drops down when not in use to maintain a sofa's stylish, low silhouette.

Drop down power headrest

A supportive headrest that drops down to reveal a stylish, low silhouette. Power assisted to make it even easier.

Dual adjustable bed

Ideal for couples who have different requirements for sleep, with two individual mattresses that can be adjusted at the head and the foot by remote control. The ultimate in tailor-made comfort at night.

Dual mattress

A dual mattress is ideal for couples with different bed requirements, as it has a differerent comfort level on each side.

Dual recliner

Means no more fighting for ultimate relaxation! Our dual recliner options come with two reclining seats within one sofa.

Eco faux leather

Eco faux leather is a sustainable material with the genuine look of leather.

Elastic webbing

Elastic webbing is a strong, supportive and flexible foundation for sofa cushions.

End drawer

A drawer that is at the end of a bed.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design is where a piece of furniture is designed with the needs of the user in mind, taking into account the relationship between a person and the furniture they are using.

Euro headboard

A Euro headboard is upholstered all the way to the floor and is available in the same width as the divan (Euro slim), or slightly wider than the divan (Euro wide).

Extending table

An extending table is a table that extends to seat extra guests, usually with extra leaves. Useful where you may want to hold a larger dinner party, but do not want your table to take up that amount of space all of the time.

Family friendly leather

Family friendly leather is a highly durable, yet soft to the touch leather, hardwearing enough to withstand family life. Often this is constructed from aniline or semi-aniline leather.


Made in imitation of. Faux leather has the appearance of leather but is not animal hide. Faux leather may used for dining chairs or for some sofas, where an easy care, wipe-clean upholstery can be preferrable.


A feather-filled cushion or pillow has been made from natural materials for sinkable comfort.


A cushion or pillow that has been made from polyester fibres for firm, long-lasting support.


A finial is a decorative ornament featuring on the rails of a (usually metal) bed frame.

Fish mouth

A fish mouth spring is a type of bouncy spring tused at the front edge of sofa to promote comfort when seated.

Flat pack

Furniture that is packed flat and requires assembly. If furniture is delivered to your home and it is flat packed then usually the delivery team will assemble it for you.

Flat weave rattan

Modern style of rattan weave, which is flat and is in keeping with the linear design of contemporary-style garden furniture.

Foam flex

Foam flex is a type of PU moulded cold cure foam foam used in cushions, that offers superb comfort and keeps its shape.


The footboard is the equivalent of a headboard, but lower and situated at the foot of a bed.


Footstool are stools for putting feet up on when sitting on a sofa or chair. They can be traditional or modern in style and many include hidden storage under a hinged ottoman-style lid. Often used as extra seating or even impromptu tables.

Four Post Bed/Four Poster bed

A four post or four poster bed is a bed with tall posts in each corner supporting a frame from which curtains or textiles can hang. Originally a practical choice for keeping warm at night, it is now chosen to make a grand statement and can be modern or more traditional in style.


The frame is a rigid supporting structure. Integral to cabinets, tables and other furniture.

Free-standing mirror

Very often a full-length mirror, the free-standing mirror stands independently and may swivel within a frame or support. Also know as a Cheval mirror.

Front edge seat suspension

Spring seat suspensions with a raised front edge, fitted under seat cushions and giving increased comfort and support.

FSC certified

Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, promoting responsible management of the world's forests - we take sustainability seriously. What's more, these certified frames come with a lifetime guarantee.

Full grain leather

Full grain leather is a hide that has not been sanded, buffed or coloured. All of the natural beauty of the grain is intentionally visible.

Furniture Collection Service

Furniture Village can help you recycle your old furniture in an environmentally friendly way, at a great value price. If you’re buying a divan bed and/or mattress our home delivery specialists who deliver your new bed can take your old one away, on a ‘like for like’ basis, and dispose of it with zero waste to land fill.
PLEASE NOTE: To keep everybody safe we are currently asking customers to ‘bag and seal’ furniture prior to collection with bags provided in advance. We can only accept furniture for recycling that’s wrapped and fully sealed.
For all other furniture, excluding accessories, our partner service, Speedy Clear offer a next day collection service. Products eligible for Speedy Clear collection include sofas and armchairs, living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture and bed frames.


From Japan originally, a futon is a padded unsprung mattress that can be rolled up or folded in two. A futon bed is a low bed or sofabed with an unsprung mattress.


A responsive, comfortable layer of foam, air and gel used in mattresses by some manufacturers.

Gentleman's wardrobe

Nowadays not necessarily used by gentlemen alone. This style of wardrobe includes drawers, usually below the wardrobe section but occasionally to one or both sides.


Gloss is a high shine coating applied to materials such as wood.

Hand side stitched mattress

Hand side stitching is a traditional process where the sides of the mattresses have rows sewn into them to hold the fillings in.


Processing fibres by hand to enhance the springiness and comfort of a mattress.

Hard wood

Hard wood is a high-density wood that’s naturally stronger and more durable.


High gloss means a piece of furniture or part of a piece of furniture (it can be wood, wood veneer, melamine or another material) that is highly glossy in appearance.

High sleeper bed

High sleeper beds are great space savers and ideal for slightly older children, providing a multi-functional solution for your child's bedroom. With a raised sleeping area, the area beneath has height enough to be utilised for storage, study or sleep.

Inlaid parquet

Many pieces of furniture use inlaid parquet style panels for decorative effect. This consists of a geometric and often angled pattern of wood veneer pieces.

IR Sensor (infrared)

Many of our TV cabinets or stands are IR friendly, meaning that a remote control can work, even through glass doors.

Koto veneers

Koto veneers are made from the light, grained wood of trees from Western Africa.


A lacquer finish is a glossy or semi-matt finish, designed to protect wood and enhance the beauty of the natural grain.

Ladder back

A ladder back is a traditional dining chair back with two upright posts joined by horizontal slats.

Latex foam

Latex foam is an eco-friendly material, designed to relieve pressure and promote better comfort. A great option for allergy sufferers.


Lattice work is decorative woodwork with a woven interlocking design.


Leather is a durable and flexible material made from tanned rawhide. Full grain leather is hide that has not been sanded, buffed or coloured.

Left-hand facing

We know that every home is different. To make life a little easier, we manufacture right and left-hand facing corner sofas to suit your layout.

Lift and rise chair

A reclining chair with a mechanism that raises the seat off the ground, elevating the sitter to a standing position. Lift and rise chairs are great for people with difficulty standing from seated position.

Linear detailing

Often found in modern furniture, sleek straight lines are picked out in a contrasting material or colour.

Loose back

An upholstery furniture piece in which the back pillows are detached from the back frame meaning cushions can be flipped and moved as needed.

Lounge sets

Lounge sets are perfect for long summer days, garden seating that is relaxed and that often includes a garden sofa, table and footstools.

Love seat / Snuggler

Larger than your average armchair, with room enough for two. Love seats offer space to kick back and relax alone and are perfect for couples to snuggle up in. Also known as Cuddle chairs.

Lumbar support

Many of our sofas come with additional inbuilt lumbar support. Providing a supportive, curved shape to give extra shape to your body/back.

Manual recliner

Referring to our sofas and chairs that have a manual operated reclining system.


Skillful inlaying of small pieces of wood and sometimes other materials, adding to the decorative appeal of furniture.

Mattress finder

Help find the best mattress for you with this handy tool.

Mattress protector

A mattress protector is an item of removable bedding that sits on top of, or encases, a mattress to protect it. Some also provide protection from allergens and irritants such as dust mites, bed bugs, mould, and dead skin.

MDF - Medium density fibreboard

A strong and sturdy base, often used for panels in furniture, on which a finish such as a high-gloss finish can be applied.


A strong and versatile finish used as a protective coating for wood and other materials.

Memory foam

Memory foam is a supportive material, often used for mattresses, that moulds to the contours of your body.

Mid-Century modern style

Born in the middle decades of the 20th Century, This style is influenced by the modern movement and in furniture often combines sleek, functional design with fluid curves.

Mid sleeper bed

Mid Sleeper beds are perfect for young children (approx 6+ years) and great when space is at a premium. That little bit of height allows for either a play tent underneath to make a den or useful storage solutions.

Minimalist style

Minimalism is a trend in design where only the most necessary elements are used with the form and design of the piece heavily influenced by its function.

Modern minimalist style

A sleek, clean-lined look that is very popular for the contemporary home. See minimalist style.

Modern or modern look

Modern means the present or the recent past, so modern or modern-look furniture is the most up to date furniture with the newest and freshest designs. However in strict design terms the word modern can also apply to the modern movement of early 20th Century.

Modular sofa

The beauty of a modular sofa is that you have complete flexibility to choose and rearrange your sofa layout when you move house or simply fancy a change, with the option to add on as your family or space increases.


NASA approved memory foam is the innovative memory foam technology found in our mattresses to relieve neck and back pain and improve sleep quality.

Neck and head support

Extra neck and head support is provided through headrests on sofas and chairs, which can be fixed or manual or power drop down.

Nesting tables

Nesting tables or nests of tables are small occasional tables, designed to store one under another, typically in sets of three. Nesting tables store in a space-saving way, and can be separated as needed for entertaining, and use.

No-Sag spring suspension

"No sag springs" are also known as "serpentine springs", "sinuous springs", "zig zag springs" and "S shaped springs". They are a fixed upholstery spring system with S shaped springs running from from the front to the back or the top to the bottom of sofa seats and backs. These springs give a clean-lined finish and a firmer, more supportive bounce.

Objet d’Art

The Objet d'Art is a decorative piece, often a sculpture, that exists solely to be pleasing to the eye.

Open coil divan base

An open coil divan base is a divan base topped with a bed of open coil springs.

Optional castors

Many of our seating options come with the benefit of optional castors to protect your flooring.

Orthopaedic mattress

An orthopaedic mattress is a supportive, often firmer feel mattress that can promote back health and support the whole body. It may offer targeted support with zoned springs. Beneficial for mild to severe aches and pains.


Ottoman beds are highly functional and luxurious beds, designed to offer an invaluable, under-bed storage solution and maximise storage space in the bedroom. An ottoman bed usually lifts from the bottom, although some designs offer side lift functionality.


Many pieces of furniture use inlaid parquet style panels for decorative effect. This consists of a geometric and often angled pattern of wood veneer pieces.

Pedestal base

Refers to a dining table or occasional table that has one sturdy, statement base, rather than the more traditional, four table legs.

Pedestal table

A pedestal table is a table with a central supporting base, column or pillar.

Pendant light

A pendant light is a single light fitting that is suspended from a ceiling. It can hang with other pendant lights in a group, perhaps over a dining table or a kitchen counter or it can hang alone from the centre of a living room ceiling. Often suspended by a flex, cord, chain, cable or rod.

Petite sofa

Petite sofa is another word for a compact or small sofa. Useful in smaller spaces where comfortable seating is required.

Pigmented leather

Pigmented leather is leather with a strong coating of pigment applied, adding colour and making the leather very durable and less likely to stain.

Pile rug

A pile rug is a rug where the wool or other material is in loops sewn on to a backing for a textured pile as opposed to a flat woven texture.

Piping detail

Piping is where a roll of fabric is used to edge seat cushions, back cushions, scatter cushions and even the legs and arms of sofas and chairs. Headboards of beds can also have piping detailing. Piping is attractive and also extends the life of furniture as it adds durability.


Where a hinged lid or an ottoman bed top is assisted in its lifting up by a gas operated piston, making it easier to open.

Platform top divan base

A platform top divan base is a divan base with a solid top.


A plinth is the lower part of a base. This can be a pedestal base of a table, or the base of a sideboard or a lamp.


An expensive and luxurious looking fabric made of cotton, silk, wool or synthetic materials. Soft and velvety to the touch.

Pocket sprung

Pocket sprung refers to a mattress or cushion sewn with individually responsive pocket springs to deliver maximum comfort where you need it most.


Polypropylene is a synthetic resin that is strong and can be used in the making of furniture as a highly durable and often glossy protective coating.

Power chaise

A power chaise allows for maximum reclining, its full lay-out functionality allows the base of the chair to pushe out as the back goes back.

Power recliner

Referring to our sofas and chairs with a mechanically operated reclining system - perfect for anyone wanting to take away the strain of a manual recliner.

PU leather

PU leather is split leather (the bottom half of leather hide) that has been overlaid with a strong and durable polyurethane (PU) coating. Extremely strong, hardwearing and easy to clean and care for. A practical choice for dining room chairs.

Rattan look

Rattan look is a tough outdoor-friendly material that has the appearance of genuine rattan but is sun and weather-proof so can be left outdoors all year long.

Recliner sofa

A recliner sofa or chair has a mechanism that is either manual or power that allows the back of the chair to recline back and the foot of the seat come up to support the legs. This allows for complete relaxation.


Resin is a material used in some furniture and, in particular in artificial wicker or rattan for garden furniture. This all-weather resin wicker or rattan looks like natural wicker or rattan but is made of synthetic material that is sun and rain proof, so the furniture can be left outdoors all year long.

Right-hand facing

We know that every home is different. To make life a little easier, we manufacture right and left-hand facing corner sofas to suit your layout.

Riser recliner

The riser recliner is a great option for anyone who has difficulty standing up or who struggles with a loss of balance. Our riser recliners are great at helping you get back on your feet.

Roll-out mechanism

The mechanism that glides smoothly from a sofa to a bed in one, easy action.

Roll together

Roll together is a term referring to when you and/or your partner roll into the centre of the bed due to 'sag' in the centre of a mattress. Well designed mattresses allow for even weight distribution and often have individually reponsive pocket springs, preventing 'roll together' even if the two occupants are of different builds and weights.

Roll-up mattress

A roll up mattress is a mattress that is delivered rolled up, giving it the benefit of being easy to transport. When unrolled it typically takes 2-3 hours to decompress to its maximum depth.

Rolled arms

Rolled arms means the flared arms of a chair or sofa that "roll" back in to meet the sides. Rolled arms are traditional, but found across a variety of styles.

Round weave rattan

Round weave is a traditional style of rattan weave, traditionally found in the garden furniture of English country houses.

Runners (drawers)

Runners allow drawers in cabinets to open and close smoothly.


The term rustic is used in many ways relating to furniture. It means relating to the countryside, for example a country style wooden kitchen table. It can also mean furniture made in a simple fashion.

S Spring Suspension

"S shaped springs" are also known as "serpentine springs", "sinuous springs", "zig zag springs" and "no sag springs". They are a fixed upholstery spring system with S shaped springs running from from the front to the back or the top to the bottom of sofa seats and backs. These springs give a firmer, more supportive bounce.

Sabre Legs

Often on a chair, table or stool, a sabre leg is shaped like a curved sword, curving outwards and often tapering. Popular in the Regency period.

Scandi/Scandinavian style

Scandi style is a design movement characterised by a clean simplicity of style, an integration with nature and a minimalist approach. Born in the 1950's in the Nordic countries.

Scatter back

An upholstery furniture piece in which the back pillows are loose and can be arranged to your choice. This adds versatility to sofas and Love seats. Different to a traditional loose back pillow piece, scatter back pieces have many back pillows which can be moved and removed.

Scroll arms

A popular feature on both traditional and contemporary sofas where the arms form a scroll shape.

Seasonal turn / no turn mattress

These terms refer to how frequently your mattress should be turned. Seasonal turn mattresses should be turned with the seasons i.e. every three months, while 'no turn' mattresses require no turning at all, only rotating.

Semi-aniline leather

Aniline leather is a type of leather dyed with soluble dyes that retain the hide's natural surface with the 'grain'. For this reason, aniline leather is one of the most popular finishings in leather manufacturing: only high quality leathers result suitable for aniline finish. Semi-aniline leather is produced through a very similar process to full-aniline, but has a thin protective top coat added to protect it from wear and staining.

Serpentine sprung seats

Providing great comfort and support, serpentine springs zigzag across the seat or back offering excellent levels of comfort and durability.

Shaker style

The Shaker style is a timeless style of furniture inspired by the craftsmanship of the late 18th Century and the early 19th Century which is characterised by its simplistic design, solid construction and complete functionality.

Side chair

A side chair is the name given specifically to a chair without arms, typically placed at a dining table or by the wall in a dining room but now used in other rooms in the home.

Side tables

Side tables are occasional tables that can be used for a variety of purposes - from being used for drinks and nibbles when entertaining guests to being used as bedside tables or in a hallway.


A sideboard is a cabinet with cupboards and drawers that is traditionally used to store plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, table mats, coasters and table linen.

Sinuous spring suspension

Sinuous springs are “S” shaped and run from the front of the seat to the back where they are clipped to the frame. Offering the springiness of a coiled seat but benefitting from the ability to replace a single coil rather than the entire seat.


A piece of wood, perhaps part of the base of a bed or part of a headboard, that is flattened in shape.

Slatted base

A slatted base on which to place a mattress. With the benefits of being springy, adaptive and supportive and also allowing a healthy amount of air to circulate.

Sleigh bed

A sleigh bed is a bed with a traditional curved or scrolled headboard and footboard, so that the whole bed resembles a sleigh in overall shape.

Smoked glass

Although still translucent, smoked glass has a hint of grey throughout. Smoked glass has materials added to it, giving it its appearance, darkening the glass and reducing the amount of light that can pass through it.

Snuggle chair

Snuggle chair is another name for a Love seat or Cuddle chair. A large armchair with an extra wide seat big enough for one person to stretch out on or two to snuggle up on.

Sofa bed

A sofa bed is a sofa that becomes a convenient additional guest bed, transforming with an easy roll-out or fold mechanism.

Sofa bed roll-out mechansim

An easy-glide mechanism that takes the pain and strain out of guests coming to stay. With the added benefit of keeping sofa cushions in place.

Sofa bed two-fold mechanism

As simple as it sounds, the sofa opens in two steps. A sturdy, mechanism that is quick and easy to open - a smart option when guests come to stay.

Soft-click arms

A great extra for maximum lounging potential, soft-click arms adjust easily to your perfect position, transforming a sofa in to a day bed. Why sit when you can lie back and relax?

Soft close drawers

Soft-close drawers close quietly and softly, they can't be slammed shut. Perfect if you like peace and quiet!

Soft wood

Soft wood is a renewable wood used for crafting furniture.

Spindle back

A spindle back chair is a chair that has a back comprised of bars or spindles, usually of turned wood.

Split back

A multi-functional chair or sofa which features an adjustable back with three positions: sit, relax and bed.

Split leather

All leather hides are split as they are too thick to use for upholstery. Split leather is the bottom layer of a hide. It is often used on the outside back and sides of asofa, sanded down and embosed with a consistent graining pattern.

Sprung edge divan base

A divan base with a layer of springs that go the the edge of the base.

Sprung seats

Sprung seats are sofa or chair seats including a layer of coil springs to enhance the support and comfort.

Sprung slatted base

Where the wooden slats of a bed (often beech plywood) are fitted so that they are slightly convex, making them springy. This gives extra support to a mattress.


A fabric which can withstand tough stains such as dirt, wine and coffee.

Starburst design

Table legs that are arranged in a contemporary starburst pattern, something that makes a statement in modern homes.

Strutted headboard

A strutted headboard is attached to the divan with two struts and rises from the top of the mattress.


Often relating to springs, where support is given in furniture.

Sustainable wood

Wood from sustainable forests where for every tree used another is planted.

Swivel chair

A swivel chair is a chair that turns up to 360 degrees, an office chair or a swivel armchair with footstool.

Swivel-motion extension mechanism

This clever mechanism, allows you to extend your dining table with ease (and impress your guests at the same time).

Tapered arms

A gradual thinning of chair arms and sofa arms.

Tapered legs

Tapering is a gradual thinning of legs as they reach the floor.

Telescopic legs

Legs that can adjust in length, useful when placing furniture on an uneven surface.

Tempered glass

Offering peace of mind within the family home, tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is put through a specific chemical process that cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards and therefore less likely to cause injury.

Three-fold mechanism

This is where a sofa becomes a sofa bed with a mechanism involving three folds.


Ticking is the name given to the tightly woven material on the surface of a mattress.

Timber policy

Our promise to abide by the highest environmental and ethical code of practice when resourcing natural materials.

Top grain leather

Top grain leather refers to any leather taken from the top portion of a hide.


A topper is a cushioned layer that rests on top of a mattress to increase support and comfort.

Touch-sensitive power recliner

The touch-sensitive power recliner is the ultimate luxury in ultimate relaxation. Recline to your perfect position for relaxing at the touch of a button.

Traditional look

A look including popular period features, giving a room a timeless style.


Travertine is a type of limestone in a variety of colours including white, cream and rust brown.

Tripod base

A sturdy three-legged base.

Trundle bed

A space-saving option for sleepovers. Set on castors, the trundle bed can be stored away under single beds when not in use.


Stitching through fabric and the layers of filling or padding beneath. Pulled and secured with a knot, ribbon or button. This technique is used on mattresses and also on sofas and chairs, where buttoning can create a traditional look or enhance contemporary designs.

Turned feet

Wooden furniture feet that have been carved with ornate twists and spirals for a classic finish.

TV bed

The ultimate guilty pleasure, make watching TV in bed that bit more luxurious with one of our bed frames with built-in entertainment system.


A popular, fresh look where furniture has two different finishes, for example white painted and oak.


Furniture that is cushioned and covered in material.


The materials used to cover cushions or furniture.

USB port

Yes, you read that right. All of our power recliners come with a handy USB port. So you can recharge your devices while you recharge.


A bed skirt that is placed underneath a mattress.


Plush fabric similar to velvet made from cotton or synthetic material.


Woven tufted fabric with a short, dense and softly luxurious pile.


A thin layer of decorative coating on wood.


Attractive retro style, with an old fashioned appeal.

Volakas marble

Greek white marble with grey and taupe veining


An aged finish, designed to give a vintage appeal.

Webbed backing

Webbing is applied to all upholstered furniture to create a strong and firm base to support the rest of the upholstery.

Wingback chair

A wingback chair is a traditional or modern style chair, often fully upholstered distinguished by wings that come from the back of the chair, and extend above the arms on both sides. The original purpose of wings was to protect from drafts. In modern designs, this is purely aesthetic, used to mimic classic or vintage pieces.

Wood stain

A colourant agent used to change the colour or highlight the grain pattern of a specific wood.

Wood veneers

Thin slices of wood obtained by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood, slicing through the growth rings to create an attractive wood grain pattern. Often the finest logs are used. Can increase the strength of a piece of furniture.

Zig zag suspension

The spring suspension typically used within modern upholstered furniture, stretched in horizontal rows across the seat for a clean-lined finish and a firmer, more supportive bounce. See "No sag springs", "serpentine springs", "sinuous springs"and "S shaped springs".

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