Pocket sprung mattresses

  • Save £329
    RRP £1315 Our Price £986
    • Handcrafted by Vispring with luxurious, all-natural fillings
    • With platinum certified British fleece wool and cotton
    • 1254 vanadium steel pocket springs (5 foot size)
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  • Save £260
    RRP £859 Our Price £599
    • Myers roll-up mattress with foam, latex and mini pocket springs
    • 26cm deep, with a high-density foam core for maximum support
    • With 1320 body-moulding mini pocket springs (king size)
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  • Only £1140

    A beautiful Vispring mattress for less than you thought? Introducing the Vispring Aspire mattress.

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  • Only £269
    • Fantastic value Mirapocket Serenity mattress from Silentnight
    • Edge-to-edge support, more personal space, no ‘roll together’
    • Mirapocket technology with 1000 zoned pocket springs
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  • Only £599

    Just as the name says, the Hypnos Revive Ortho Wool mattress is designed to offer you a great night’s sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and revived every morning.

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  • Only £899
    • 1700 hand nested pocket springs
    • All natural fillings
    • Covered with Egyptian cotton
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  • Only £1399
    • Pocket sprung mattress from Royal Warrant Holders Hypnos
    • Tufted, turnable and beautifully hand finished by master craftsmen
    • Luxurious fillings include organic cotton, loose wool and silk
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  • Only £359
    • Fantastic value, ‘Which Best Buy’ rated mattress from Silentnight
    • Edge-to-edge support means more sleep space with no ‘roll together’
    • Unique Mirapocket technology with 1200 zoned pocket springs
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  • Only £999
    • Luxurious hand made mattress
    • Available in soft, medium or firm comfort levels
    • Covered in cool Egyptian cotton
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  • Only £1795
    • Pocket sprung mattress from Royal Warrant Holders Hypnos
    • Tufted, turnable and beautifully hand finished by master craftsmen
    • Deluxe fillings of British wool, Alpaca and eco friendly Solotex
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  • Save £649
    RRP £2595 Our Price £1946
    •  Handcrafted sprung mattress from Vispring with all-natural fillings
    • Fillings include platinum certified British fleece wool, horsehair and cotton
    • Exceptional support from 1476 vanadium steel springs (5 foot size)
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  • Only £999
    • Hand made by the master craftsmen at Hypnos
    • Hand nested pocket springs, each with 7 active turns
    • Luxurious fillings including silk and premium British wool
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Pocket sprung mattresses are so called because of the hundreds – or even thousands – of metal springs enclosed in individual fabric pockets. Because they’re in individual pockets, the springs respond independently, dispersing the body’s weight across the entire surface of the mattress and helping to align the spine, ease pressure and reduce back and neck pain. Pocket spring mattress have been around since the technology was first patented in 1900. These days, you’ll see a large variation in price between different mattresses, less because of the quality of the springs themselves and more because of the type of fillings that surround them and how the mattress is made. Some manufacturers pride themselves on hand construction and natural fillings. Some interweave cotton and wool with memory foam or latex layers. And some include micro-springs – smaller springs that sit within or on top of the pocket sprung bed. At Furniture Village we offer a huge range of pocket sprung mattresses. If you’re looking for a high-end, handmade mattress with all-natural luxurious fillings, take a look at our ViSpring mattresses and Hypnos mattresses. Two other British brands, Myer’s and Silentnight, also offer a good selection of pocket sprung mattress with something for every type of sleeper – back sleepers, front sleepers and side sleepers – and every budget. Not sure a pocket sprung mattress is right for you? Have a look at our selection of memory foam mattresses too.