Hypnos beds – Wake up beautifully

Boasting bespoke pocket sprung beds that are handcrafted with the upmost care by master craftsmen, Royal Warrant holder Hypnos makes ‘the most comfortable beds in the world.’

With superbly engineered pocket springs and fabulous natural fillings, the Hypnos Bespoke collection builds on the legacy of the Hypnos Embrace collection with advanced temperature-regulating technology for an even better night’s sleep.

The Hypnos range

Shop our stunning Hypnos range of divan sets complete with under bed storage, Hypnos mattresses in a selection of sizes, and stylish headboards to add the perfect finishing touch to your luxurious bed.

Hypnos mattresses

Keep cool with the latest sleep technology

Hypnos is the first British bed manufacturer to design mattresses using a proven technology widely used in performance wear where temperature control is paramount. Three of the Bespoke Collection mattresses include a comfort layer of 37.5® thermoregulating technology. Billions of active mineral particles remove moisture and act as a thermostat, creating a perfectly dry, fresh and cool sleep environment.

Bespoke Brilliance

Bespoke Bliss

Bespoke Finesse

Sleep soundly with British wool from Red Tractor assured farms

Luxurious and naturally antibacterial, wool helps to regulate your temperature so you can enjoy a fresher and healthier night’s sleep. Three of the Bespoke collection mattresses are rich in sumptuous layers of 100% pure British wool from Red Tractor assured farms Hypnos have partnered with Red Tractor, the UK’s largest farm and food standards scheme, to fully support farmers who commit to high standards in animal welfare, full traceability and environmental protection.

Bespoke Opulent

Bespoke Grandeur

Bespoke Luxury

Hypnos Bases

Superbly stylish divan bases with storage choices

Practical and stylish, a divan perfectly complements the performance and comfort of the mattress and also can offer handy storage. Our shallow divan base comes with a choice of leg styles to suit any décor. Or choose divan bases with storage. Designs include hidden storage drawers in different configurations, or the extended capacity of Ottoman, EasyStore™ and HideAway™ options.

British craftmanship

Hypnos prides itself on sustainability and was the first British bed and mattress manufacturer to become carbon neutral. Hypnos is committed to providing environmentally-friendly operations for its people, their families, its customers and the communities in which it operates. Hypnos beds are handmade by skilled craftspeople who use traditional and time-honoured techniques and only the finest luxurious natural or sustainable materials including British wool, silk, cashmere and cotton.

Hypnos beds are handmade by skilled craftspeople who use traditional and time-honoured techniques and only the finest luxurious natural or sustainable materials including British wool, silk, cashmere and cotton. Hypnos mattresses feature hand-sewn side stitching, hand tufting and hand-nested pocket springs. And, Hypnos divan beds and headboards are carefully upholstered by hand in soft, high-quality fabrics. This commitment to superior craftsmanship means you can look forward to a wonderfully comfortable night’s sleep, every night.

The Hypnos story

Superior craftsmanship, traditional skills and innovation

Hypnos is an award-winning bed maker, a fifth-generation family-run British company with an illustrious history and the holder of a Royal Warrant since 1929. This highly-respected brand makes deluxe bespoke and made-to-measure divan beds, pocket sprung mattresses and beautifully-upholstered headboards at its carbon neutral workshop in Buckinghamshire.

Caring for your furniture



Which Hypnos mattress is best for me?

While all Hypnos mattresses are designed to be ultra-comfortable, there will always be one that suits you even better than the others. For example, if you’re looking for the best Hypnos mattress for temperature regulation, then the Bespoke Bliss would be a great choice for you. It features 37.5® thermoregulating technology that keeps you fresh, dry, and cool, all night long. The best Hypnos mattress for pocket-sprung comfort would be the Bespoke Emperor, with 3,300 pocket springs that give you optimum support, sumptuous layers of Red Tractor-assured British wool, and complete with a traditional pillow top for that extra bit of comfort. Or maybe you want the best Hypnos mattress for covering all bases, with temperature regulation and a decent pocket spring count? The Bespoke Finesse offers 37.5® thermoregulating technology, 1200 ReActivePro™ 7-turn springs, and a luxurious pillow top to boot, making it perfect for those who want a mattress that ticks all the boxes.

Can I put a Hypnos mattress on a slatted bed?

As long as your bedframe has slats that are no more than 3.0” (7.5cm) apart, and a central support rail on doubles and above, it is compatible with a Hypnos mattress. Bear in mind, however, that a slatted bedframe will make a mattress feel firmer than if it is on a sprung Hypnos divan base, so check what base the mattress is on when you try it out as it may feel very different when you get it home. A Hypnos divan base can offer extras like inbuilt storage or a sprung base, so it’s worth shopping the range. All Hypnos divan bases are built specifically for Hypnos mattresses too, so you can rest assured it will fit perfectly. When choosing a divan base, think about what you would most benefit from; if you’re a bit stuck for storage space, a divan with drawers would free up valuable space to store under your mattress. This is great for towels and bedsheets, or even clothes. Or if you want even more support and comfort, a sprung divan base will give you that luxury you’re looking for.

How long do Hypnos pillows last?

It’s important to take good care of your Hypnos pillow. On average, you’ll spend over 2500 hours with your head on your pillow a year. Make sure you keep your Hypnos pillow clean, and change it every 2 years to protect yourself from illness and allergy triggers like mould, dead skin, and dust mites. You should clean your Hypnos pillow every month by following the cleaning instructions on the attached cleaning tag.

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