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Lusting after the Mediterranean style of sleek Ibizan villas and Greek apartments? Here's how to bring it home, whilst making it work with the British clime.
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Food… fashion… furniture; we can’t think of anything the Scandinavians don’t do well.
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Choosing the right centrepiece for your living room is harder than it seems – from glass coffee tables that are utterly sleek in every way, to their heavy-set wooden counterparts.
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As part of our new ‘5 minutes with’ interiors feature, we’re delighted to talk to Victoria Jackson...
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Movie night is an institution for many families, so we’ve collected the best tips and tricks for making it a more cinematic event!
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A small home doesn’t mean no statement pieces. By following these tips, you can make sure your home is still dressed to impress in a way that feels cool and charismatic rather than cluttered.
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Interior design isn’t just about working the latest trends and sticking to design rules. It’s also important that your home is filled with things that bring you happiness.
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Anyone for a cuppa? From conversation tips to atmospheric décor ideas, we bring you the ultimate guide to creating a perfect casual coffee date at home.
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Relaxation isn't a habit, it's an art. Here is our 3-step guide to making sure your living room is the ultimate place to put your feet up and unwind.
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