The Squirrel
Who Scrolled Too Much


The Squirrel
Who Scrolled Too Much

When we were young our bedside tables were littered with storybooks, but what would a night-time tale look like for grownups? Read on to find out, and to follow the adventures of Squirrel, who one fateful night finds herself lost and all alone in the deep, dark woods…

Under the big, white moon one night,

A small squirrel hopped, from left to right.

The squirrel couldn’t sleep, you see,

For she was hooked on technology.

Tonight, for example, she got into bed,

And couldn’t resist a small turn of her head;

She gazed at the nightstand, to where her phone lay,

Just waiting for her to scroll and to play.

“Don’t do it!” she squeaked, “it’ll drive you insane!

All that blue light will bamboozle your brain!

But alas, the temptation was simply too strong,

So she picked up her phone, though she knew it was wrong.

Facebook, Insta, Snapchat and Twitter;

She scrolled and she scrolled and she grew tired and bitter.

“All of these people,” she sighed in a huff,

“They make me feel sad and just not good enough.”

But still, the poor squirrel kept on scrolling down Insta,

Until she developed a giant great blister.

It grew and it grew but she still could not stop…

One last swipe of her paw, and the blister went ‘POP!’.

“Oh dear, oh no!” Squirrel cried aloud,

“My poor sore paw, I’m all scrolled out!

Well surely now it’s time for bed,

I’ll ditch the phone and sleep instead.”

So lying down she closed her eyes,

Then huffed and puffed and groaned and sighed –

For sleep was not her friend tonight,

She could not snooze, no ‘Z’s in sight!

And so she squeaked into the night:

“I s’pose it was that bright blue light!”

Soon Squirrel, tired of trying to sleep,

Strayed into the forest deep;

Without a single friend in sight –

(For squirrels, we know, all sleep at night).

She wandered, lonely, all round,

Until her home could not be found!

The forest looked so odd at night,

Strange and cold in the white moonlight.

Squirrel felt all alone and scared,

Utterly lost, with no one to care…

Or be her friend, or say hello,

In tears, she cried, “Oh no, oh no!

I’m lost and scared and wide awake

In this big dark forest, by this big black lake.

I hear strange sounds; see frightful things –

Look at that bat with giant wings!”

Then, out of nowhere, a large owl flew

Down to the squirrel calling, “Yoohoo!

What are you doing out here at night?

I’ve never seen such a strange sight!”

“Why, Owl!” cried Squirrel, “You gave me a fright!

And oh, how I know I should sleep at night.

But I’ve found myself lost and all alone,

Because I just couldn’t put down my phone,

Even though I feel quite sad,

I swipe and click and scroll like mad

Through everyone’s impressive posts

(It seems these days it’s ok to boast) …

Holiday pics, the meals we make;

The worst thing is, it feels quite fake!

But for some strange reason I continue to look...

Until I can’t sleep, so I must be hooked!”

“Ah, yes,” said Owl, nodding his head,

“Social once kept me out of bed!

I too found myself addicted to tech,

It ruined my sight and hurt my neck!

I couldn’t stop scrolling and scrolling, you see,

Through Facebook and Twitter and Insta stories.

At first I thought, this Social is great!

I can keep in touch with all my mates!

But then I got a bit obsessed,

And ended up in quite a mess.

The trick, I’d say, is to understand,

That the little device you hold in your hand

Is just a phone, and while it’s cool,

There’s a wonderful world that’s out there too!

Plus, your phone can keep you awake,

As you now know, from your silly mistake.”

“So what did you do?” said Squirrel to Owl,

“To be honest, my friend, something quite foul.

I hated the phone, I wanted to spoil it,

So, in a frenzy, I threw it down the toilet!

Don’t do the same, that was quite drastic

(Not forgetting a huge waste of plastic).

But if I were you, I’d choose a time and say:

I won’t use my phone, until the next day.

An hour before bedtime should suffice,

To let you get sleepy and drift off real nice.”

And then the owl led Squirrel home…

No longer lost, or all alone.

“Thank you, Owl,” the squirrel said,

“I’m sleepy now in my warm bed.

I’m going to give your advice a go –

You’re very wise, but I’m sure you know.

Before you leave I’ll say one thing,”

And Squirrel took the owl’s wing:

“Tonight did send me ‘round the bend,

But at least I’ve made a real-life friend.”

The End

To find out why we decided to create our own bedtime story, and all that facts and figures that back up our formula, choice of language, plot and characters, visit this fascinating article.

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