Modern Slavery Act 2015 Statement

Our business

Furniture Village is the UK’s largest privately owned furniture retailer selling upholstery, beds, cabinets and accessories.
It operates from 50 store locations throughout the UK, alongside a fully transactional online website.

All of our operations are based in the UK, with our Group Offices in Slough and additional support functions and a National Distribution Centre located in Milton Keynes.
The retail outlets are further supported by 8 Regional Distribution Centres. In total, Furniture Village now employs c. 1000 people throughout the UK.

Our supply chain

  • Furniture Village designs and sources products from both the UK and globally using established wholesalers,
    suppliers and factories within the industry, using a wide range of substrates such as timber, fabrics, metals and glass.
  • Whilst working globally ensures that we have access to the widest range of commercially priced, quality furniture,
    we acknowledge that there is an increased potential exposure to modern slavery within these global supply networks.
  • We recognise that products sourced from the Far East pose the greatest risk of modern slavery to our supply chain,
    both through their sourcing of raw materials, the manufacturing process itself and the shipping to the UK.
  • We operate our own fleet of delivery vehicles, delivering primarily from Regional Distribution Centres,
    though we utilise respected third party contractors during peak periods, with our Suppliers also delivering direct to customers in some instances.
  • We also outsource some of our support services, including store building and maintenance activities,
    though always using highly regarded Suppliers with whom we largely have long standing working relationships.

Furniture Village is working towards full transparency across all tiers of our supply chain in order to mitigate the risk of slavery and human trafficking within our business.

Modern slavery act policy extracts

“Furniture Village recognises the importance of its obligation to prevent slavery and human trafficking in the modern world
and we operate a zero tolerance approach to any contravention of this policy, throughout all of our business operations.

Our policy is fully applicable to all personnel directly employed by Furniture Village and to businesses and individuals
who are indirectly associated in the sourcing and procurement of products and services that are supplied to Furniture Village.

Any breaches or concerns identified will be dealt with immediately
and with positive action. Furniture Village expects the same high standards from all our suppliers and contractors.

All personnel within Furniture Village, its suppliers and contractors, existing and new, are briefed on the policy and our
expectations of full compliance to the requirements set out in the Modern slavery Act.”

Risk assessment and due diligence

Manufacturing Location Risk Assessment

We have undertaken a full supplier risk assessment based on the original location of product manufacturing. The assessment provided an indication
of the potential level of slavery exposure associated with each location and determined the level of visibility requried for further scrutiny.

Communication to Suppliers

We have issued a letter to our manufacturing supply base and contractors outlining our policy and expectation in meeting the Modern Slavery Act.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We have revised our existing SLA to underpin our commitment and to oblige the suppliers in meeting the act requirements on a contractual basis.

Supplier Relationships

We have long standing relationships with the majority of our suppliers, with whom we share the same commitment to ensuring that modern slavery
does not exist within the supply chain. Our Buying and Quality teams regularly visit our major overseas suppliers and their support to adhering the Modern Slavery Act is of paramount importance.

Employee Awareness and Training

We recognise the need for training our personnel and we have actively provided all personnel with an awareness and training of the Modern Slavery Act
and provided direct access to supplementary training resources. Upon joining the buisness, all new employees will be required to undertake compulsory
training modules to gain an awareness of the Modern Slavery Act and their responsibilities to it.


Furniture Village has a whistleblowing policy which facilitates personnel reporting any unethical practices.


We will measure the effectiveness of our Policy primarily through supplier agreement to the revised Service Level Agreement. The speed and effectiveness of any corrective actions being taken as a result of issues raised is also key, along with a continued commitment to increasing awareness and training throughout all the supply chain.

We will continue to develop appropriate measures to ensure adherence to the Modern Slavery Act throughout the supply chain and identify areas for improvement as appropriate.

September 2017