Bed and mattress care guide

Voted the UK's Bed Retailer of the Year by the National Bed Federation for two years running, Furniture Village knows a thing or two about beds. We offer a wide selection of divan beds, ottoman beds and metal, wood and upholstered bed frames - with every type of mattress from all the famous brands.
Whichever bed or mattress you choose, this care guide offers tips on how to keep them in top condition, so you'll be rewarded with a great night's sleep for many years to come.

Protecting your bed and mattress

How to protect your bed and mattress from damage

Invest in a mattress protector

A mattress protector does more than make your mattress more comfortable and better insulated. It can also help keep it free of stains and reduce the number of dust mites in your bed - a must if you have children or people with allergies in the family.

Prevent damage to your mattress

Don't bend or twist your mattress when transporting or moving it, or store your mattress on its side for extended periods of time. This can damage the internal structure. Instead, carry it flat or on its side.

Never stand on your mattress or allow children to jump on your mattress. Avoid sitting on the edge of your bed for long periods, as this can damage the interior structure of the mattress.

Add accidental damage cover

While everything at Furniture Village comes with a 20 year quality guarantee, It's worth asking about our 5 year Guardsman Furniture Protection for your bed or mattress. This worthwhile insurance plan will cover your new bed and mattress against any accidental damage.