Roll out the comfort with our amazing roll up mattresses from famous brands
Roll up mattresses

The Brands

We've all the big brands from Silentnight to Myers offering instant comfort and support.
Choose from our wide range of next generation mattresses with memory foam, pocket springs or both.


Memory foam with three zone edge-to-edge support, at a great value price. No wonder they received a Which Magazine best buy award.

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Treat yourself to Mammoth’s unique pressure relieving and supportive PostureCell™ Medical Grade Foam, for an exceptionally comfortable night’s sleep

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In memory foam, latex or with pocket springs – or a combination, such as high-density foam topped with all natural, naturally breathable latex.

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Sleep Story

Made in Britain at an incredible value price, Furniture Village’s own range of intelligently designed, hypoallergenic roll up mattresses.

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The technology

From Myers' breathable latex to Mammoth’s pressure relieving PostureCell™ medical grade foam, our roll up mattresses use advanced sleep technology based on many years of extensive research and development. So you can enjoy a great night’s sleep, every night.

Memory foam

Our roll up mattresses pamper you with layers of high density foam and next generation memory foam, with advanced cooling technology so there’s no overheating and you feel fresh and comfortable, all night long.

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Our roll up mattresses are so convenient, as well as superbly comfortable. Perfect for your bedroom, for guest rooms, spare rooms, kids’ bedrooms and study bedrooms and ideal for a teenager going off to University. In fact, anyone moving location can take the comfort with them, as roll up mattresses are so easy to transport, fitting easily into a car. And when you get them where you are going, they are easy to unroll and ready to use in a couple of hours.


Our big brand rolled mattresses include Myers, Mammoth and Silentnight. All of them have been designed with comfort in mind, after years of research and development. Most use next generation memory foam, or springs, or both. With inbuilt pressure relief and zoned support where you need it most, you can have the most comfortable, deeply refreshing night sleep on a roll up mattress.


Roll up or vacuum packed mattresses are popular because there’s such a wide choice of types. There’s also fast delivery with most available in less than a week. It’s easy to get roll up mattresses through doorways and into your home, no more huffing and puffing up the stairs. Watch your rolled mattress restore to full size, usually within 2 hours, and soon you’ll be enjoying a fantastic, deeply refreshing night’s sleep.