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Storage for small spaces

If you live in a smaller home you’ll know all too well the challenges of fitting your precious possessions into rooms that are short on storage space. While we love our cosy homes, we can’t help but feel short-changed when it comes to finding somewhere to put our stuff. But help is at hand. Read on for our tips on clever storage for small spaces – stylish storage and multifunctional furniture to help you declutter and organise every room.
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Storage for small spaces – the living room

Your living room should be comfy and inviting, a haven of relaxation. But if you’re limited in space, it can quickly become overwhelmed by everyday clutter. Even just a couple of out-of-place items could make it feel cramped and untidy.

When planning your lounge, it’s a good idea to make the most of the space you have available. Choose small space storage options that draw the eye upwards. For example, a tall but narrow shelving unit adds shelf space without taking up too much floor space. A compact sideboard has useful cupboards, or a shallow console table adds interest and will usually have drawers and a lower shelf.


Multi-functional furniture is a must for decluttering small living rooms and creating storage for small spaces. A storage footstool offers the perfect place to store larger items such as toys or extra blankets, but can also serve as extra seating for guests or even double as a coffee table. A coffee table that has drawer space or a lower shelf or two is good for stowing away game consoles, remotes, magazines and other everyday items. Don’t forget to make the most of your seating too. Modular sofas can be sized to suit your space, and compact corner sofas or chaise sofas often include hidden storage for hiding away all those bits and pieces that you’d like to keep close at hand, but not on show.


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Storage for small spaces – the dining room

If you have a small dining room, or if your dining room is in a small area within a living-dining space then you have to make every square centimetre of space count. So, before you think about storage, it’s a good idea to think about first saving space by replacing your full-size dining table with a much smaller one that can be extended for dinner parties.

Bench seating placed on one side of your dining table is a clever way to maximise dining room storage and if it has hidden storage that’s even better for decluttering. Open shelving creates a nice visual area in a small dining room without taking up precious floor space – and can be used to store favourite serving bowls, photographs and even a pot plant or two, real or artificial. A compact display cabinet is ideal for keeping plates and cutlery below and items worthy of display above, or it can be used as a drinks cabinet conveniently close to where you entertain your guests.


bed 1

Storage for small spaces – the bedroom

If your bedroom’s cluttered it can be difficult to unwind properly. But storage needs to be compact so it does not overwhelm the room. Investing in some neatly proportioned bedside cabinets can create handy storage space to help you stay organised. Chests of drawers are increasingly popular for bedroom storage as people are folding more of their clothes. Designs with compact and narrow profiles are ideal for small spaces and narrow alcoves.

Speaking of wardrobes, those with sliding or bi-fold doors maximise storage for small spaces. They don’t take up more room than they need to, and can store a surprising amount.


bed 2
rauch wardrobe

Storage for small spaces is always a challenge – but, with the perfect mix of cabinets, shelving units and multi-functional furniture you can create versatile storage that complements every room.

Then you can enjoy your newly spacious, uncluttered home, where everything has its place and only the items you treasure are on show.


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