The Silentnight Mattress Now Collection

Designed for convenience and very affordable, the Silentnight 3 zone memory foam mattresses in the Silentnight rolled Mattress Now collection are also incredibly comfortable. The Miratex zoned support system promotes spinal alignment while body-hugging memory foam layers help relieve pressure for great sleep, all night long.

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    The Silentnight Mattress-Now 7 Zone memory foam roll up mattress offers an array of innovative features at an outstanding price.

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    A Which? Magazine Best Buy, the Silentnight Mattress-Now 3 Zone memory foam roll up mattress offers wide range of features at a great price.

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Why should I choose a Silentnight rolled mattress?

Easy to take home and incredibly comfortable, there’s plenty to recommend the Mattress Now Silentnight rolled mattress collection. The fact is you’ll enjoy a very high-quality mattress – backed by one of the most trusted names in bed and mattress making – for a very reasonable price.

If you’re looking at Silentnight rolled mattresses, chances are you’re looking for an affordable mattress option perhaps as a guest bed or for a child’s bedroom. A Silentnight rolled mattress definitely fulfils all those requirements but you might be surprised by how comfortable these memory foam mattress actually are. And that’s because the Mattress Now Silentnight rolled mattress collection features Silentnight’s Miratex 3 zone support system which provides targeted support for different parts of your body and helps keep your spine in a natural position.

Mattresses also incorporate body-contouring memory foam for a gently cushioned feeling, and are treated with Allergy UK-approved Puratex to eliminate allergens which might be an important consideration if you or a family member suffers from allergies.

What’s the right size mattress for me?

Silentnight rolled mattresses are offered in a choice of sizes. For the average adult bedroom, we recommend the Silentnight memory foam rolled double mattress. You’ll find that there’s plenty of space for one or two people to relax in comfort.

Need a little more space as you sleep? You could opt for a king size memory foam mattress just as long as your bedroom is large enough to accommodate this larger size mattress. And while we’re on the subject of mattress size, we typically recommend that you purchase the biggest mattress you can fit in your bedroom. More mattress space generally means a more comfortable sleep experience for everyone – but of course your bed has to fit in your bedroom. And by this we mean that you have to be able to manoeuvre around your bed without bumping into bedroom furniture and be able to open wardrobe doors fully. Visually, too, a large bed in a small room can sometimes make a smaller room look cramped.

What’s different about a Silentnight 3 zone memory foam mattress?

There’s a clue right there. It’s those three zones of support – Silentnight’s Miratex foam zoned support system – that’s cleverly designed to offer specific and targeted support to your entire body from shoulders to hips to knees, all while keeping your spine in alignment.

While rolled mattresses are generally designed for convenience – they’re easy to pick up and take home – not all rolled mattresses pay quite as much attention to offering superior comfort and support as the mattresses in the Mattress Now Silentnight rolled mattress collection of memory foam mattresses.

What’s the best way to look after my new mattress?

From the moment you unwrap your Silentnight rolled mattress, whether it’s a Silentnight memory foam rolled double mattress, single mattress or king size mattress, your new purchase requires care and attention. This needn’t be an overly onerous task – it’s really just a matter of reading the manufacturer's care instructions and then having a look at the Furniture Village bed and mattress care guide. This online guide, written by our very own bed experts, has all the advice and information you need to take good care of your new mattress from the word go. It also includes tips to prevent bed and mattress damage, mattress care and cleaning advice and even a run-down of the signs that say it's time to invest in a new mattress.

Now I’ve chosen a Silentnight rolled mattress, what else does my bedroom need?

Opting for a great-value Silentnight rolled mattress might mean that you have more budget flexibility for other bedroom essentials – and even the non-essentials. First and foremost, you’ll need a bed base or bed frame for your new Silentnight 3 zone memory foam mattress. Even if you have an old divan base, getting a new mattress is a good opportunity (or excuse) to bring home a new bed frame. This isn’t only a style decision as the type of bed base you choose can have an effect on how firm or soft your new mattress feels. For example a sprung and slatted bed base, the kind you usually find in a bed frame, can make a mattress feel softer, while a platform-top bed base – without those sprung splats – might make it feel a tad firmer.

A new bed frame can also be the focal point around which you design your entire bedroom. If you’re going for a luxe or glam look, choose a velvet-upholstered bed frame with a high headboard embellished with buttoning or fluting. If your personal style is a little more understated, a wooden bed frame might be right for you. Drawn to the popular industrial look? Browse our website for wood and metal bedsteads and all-metal bed frames.

And whatever style of bed frame you choose for your new mattress, it’s good to know that we’ll be able to help you find plenty of beautiful bedroom furniture that matches. We’re big fans of oak furniture for bedrooms – it’s a classic look, and the tone of oak furniture is guaranteed to bring warmth to any space. Our oak bedroom furniture range is very extensive and includes wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressing tables and more.

Because it’s really all about creating a relaxing bedroom atmosphere and a space that genuinely helps you unwind, we recommend that you complete your new room with some carefully chosen accessories from our collection. Opting for multiple light sources – bedside table lamps, a ceiling light and even a floor lamp – makes it easy to reduce lighting intensity as bedtime gets closer and is a way of telling your body that it’s time to wind down. Adding rugs, cushions and throws helps soften distracting noises and makes it easier to drift off to sleep.

To help you make the most out of your new Silentnight 3 zone memory foam mattress, you’ll find more sleep tips – including ideas for designing a sleep-friendly bedroom – in our Sleep Well, Live Well hub along with good advice from our sleep ambassador Dr Ranj.