Simba’s revolutionary UK-made Simba Hybrid mattress is a clever combination of foam and memory foam layered with ingenious conical pocket springs that move both horizontally and vertically. Providing ultimate comfort and perfect support, you can rest easy whatever your body type. Find out more.

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Sleep better than ever with a Simba mattress and pillow. With revolutionary conical pocket springs, layers of foam and memory foam and cooling, temperature controlling latex.

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Enjoy gentle responsive support thanks to 2500 conical pocket springs plus body-contouring memory foam.

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Five Layers of Perfect Comfort

Five luxurious layers designed to fit you and help you get the quality of sleep you've been dreaming of.

The Simba mattress

It’s all so easy with Simba. Your new mattress arrives conveniently vacuum packed in a box. Simply unroll it and look forward to better quality sleep.


Treat your bedroom, guest room, spare room, kids’ bedroom or study to a Simba roll up mattress. The British made Simba Hybrid mattress combines layers of high density foam and memory foam with a layer of their patented, revolutionary conical pocket springs, all topped with temperature controlling latex. Because the conical pocket springs move horizontally as well as vertically, a Simba mattress can fit perfectly to the shape of your body as you move, so you are supported and comfortable. You can even add a Simba pillow for the perfect sleeping experience.

It’s no surprise that the Simba name is famous, because the comfort of their roll up mattresses has spread by word of mouth. Simba mattresses are made in the UK, the result of years of research, development and testing with the mission to create a perfectly engineered mattress for a better night’s sleep.

Watch your Simba rolled mattress restore to full size, usually within 2 hours, and soon you’ll be enjoying a fantastic, deeply refreshing night’s sleep. Choose the convenience and comfort of a Simba Hybrid mattress.