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The Handmade Bed Company has been making beds by hand in the United Kingdom since 1946. Their uncompromising design philosophy, based on the ideals of quality and craftsmanship, is immediately apparent as soon as you experience one of their beds for yourself. Discover a range of beautiful beds made from natural materials like British wool, and rest assured knowing they’ve been designed to last 10 years or more.

Handmade in Britain

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Bespoke craftsmanship

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The Handmade Bed Company

Driven by their passion and expertise, The Handmade Bed Company handcraft high-quality beds that are designed to exceed your expectations. Every bed is made in the UK and exclusively available at Furniture Village, so you can be sure of a great night’s sleep from the moment you settle in for the night.

The art of bespoke craftsmanship

In the fast-moving world of today, there is little room for the trained eye of an artisan, or the patience to create a thing of beauty by hand. With mass production and ever-changing fashions dictating the way things are made, it’s reassuring to find an independent manufacturing company that is dedicated to traditional ideals like quality and craftsmanship.

The Handmade Bed Company stands by these ideals, and take great pride in their work. You can be sure that any bed that leaves their work floor has been designed and crafted to last for 10 years or more, and should therefore be treasured as an investment.

Natural sleep

Sleeping soundly requires peace of mind. In today’s environmentally conscious world, it’s important that you can relax knowing your bed and mattress won’t cost the Earth. The Handmade Bed Company uses fabrics and fillings from sustainable sources, including sustainably grown cotton from the USA, British wool, and locally sourced wood. Their environmentally friendly approach even extends to the fully biological solution they use to flameproof their mattresses.

But these natural materials don’t just benefit the planet; they’re better for your sleep, too. Wool is a fantastic thermoregulator, helping to keep you dry and cool all night, while silk and cashmere give your mattress a layer of luxury you just won’t find in other mattresses.

Price promise


Are handmade beds better?

In the modern world, mattresses and beds roll off the production line every minute, made by machines without care and attention. Handmade beds have been skilfully crafted by artisans, and this is reflected in the quality of build you receive. A handmade bed takes longer to make and requires an expertise that only skilled craftspeople possess, and so they are more expensive than mass-produced beds, but the increase in price represents a huge leap in quality and comfort.

On average, people sleep around 8 hours per day, meaning you will spend around a third of your life asleep. Good sleep is crucial in allowing you to be your best day after day, and handmade beds helps you to sleep better thanks to their sturdy frames that are built to last. Cheaper beds can disrupt sleep by moving and creaking during the night, which in turn inhibits your ability to recover during sleep.

What is a handmade mattress?

Handmade mattresses are made from top quality materials, usually using natural materials like cashmere, silk, and wool. They are produced by experts who have honed their skills and consistently produce extremely comfortable mattresses. A handmade mattress will include thick layers of materials selected for the comfort properties, whether that’s cushioning or temperature regulation, and as such it will be taller than the average mass-produced mattress.

There are many great benefits to choosing a handmade mattress. Firstly, the fillings are far more tightly compressed than they are in mass-produced mattresses, which gives it better shape retention and you better back support. Second, the use of high-quality materials and attention to detail means your handmade mattress will last much longer and promotes healthier sleep. You’ll also find body impressions will be much reduced thanks to tufting.

What is a luxury designer bed?

A luxury designer bed is handmade using high-end materials and sturdy woods by skilled craftspeople. The Handmade Bed Company produces luxury designer beds right here in the UK, using natural materials like British wool, cotton, and locally sourced wood. You can feel the difference when you experience a luxury designer bed for yourself because they use springs rather than foam cores.

Foams pale in comparison to springs, especially pocket springs, as they are far less supportive and breathable. Memory foam especially is touted as being able to mould to the body’s shape, but in reality this creates a sinkhole effect, trapping you and stopping you from being able to move to a new sleeping position during the night.

By using pocket springs, luxury designer beds give you a mattress that adapts to your body but never holds you in one place. This promotes good spinal alignment and support but enables you to move in your sleep as you naturally should. Also, as it’s a synthetic material, foam is much less breathable than natural materials like wool, so you can become too hot and sweaty overnight. Luxury designer beds that use natural materials will help your body to regulate its temperature and thus give you much more comfortable and dry sleep night after night.