Wall art

Are you trying to find some interesting wall art for your home? Browse through our collection of wall pictures now to discover stunning wall canvas pieces and photography which will make you stop and stare. You’re sure to find something you love.

  • Save £100
    Only £159 Stock Clearance Price £59
    • Distinctive piece of nature artwork printed on canvas
    • Depicts the wild nobility of the stag
    • Warm, rich tones
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  • Save £110
    After sale price £439 Introductory Offer £329
    • Dramatic depiction of a majestic elephant
    • Stunning photographic image
    • Photograph has been reproduced onto 6mm toughened glass
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  • Delivered within 7 days
    Only £449
    • Large, dynamic depiction of New York’s famous Times Square
    • Reproduced on glossy, scratch-proof tempered glass
    • Large in scale, will make an impact in any room
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  • Only £65
    • New York’s iconic Chrysler Building
    • Strikingly detailed monochrome print
    • Beautiful distressed effect finish
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  • Only £139
    • Captivating black and white photograph of a tiger
    • Magnificently detailed
    • Tiger’s eyes are subtly coloured
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  • Only £99
    • Colourful and witty print on canvas
    • Depicts small and colourful birds perched on a wire
    • The painting is beautifully reproduced on a landscape canvas
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  • Only £229
    • An intimate portrait of one of Africa’s stunning inhabitants
    • Beautifully framed photograph
    • Cropped format accentuates the zebra’s unwavering gaze
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  • Only £119
    • A statement of timeless vintage style
    • Photograph of classic car expertly reproduced in colour
    • Impressive in scale
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  • Delivered within 7 days
    Only £449
    • Dynamic abstract wall art that’s guaranteed to light your fire
    • Vividly reproduced on glossy, scratch-proof 4mm thick tempered glass
    • Awe inspiring in scale, this modern art print measures almost five feet across
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  • Only £399
    • Authentic-style hand drawn map of the world
    • Handmade wooden frame has a lovely old gold patina
    • Large scale and beautifully detailed
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  • Only £219
    • Captures the tranquility of an early morning in Venice
    • From an original work in acrylic paint, pastels and charcoal
    • Painting expertly reproduced and printed
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  • Only £219
    • Atmospheric depiction of a sunny European street cafe
    • Reproduced and expertly printed from the original artwork
    • Beautifully detailed work by respected artist John Haskins  
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Realise your room’s full potential with a stunning piece of canvas art or glass wall art hanging on your wall. Our wall décor is a stylish way to express your personality within your chosen aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a print that is beautiful and vivid, rich with colour and feeling, or an awe-inspiring and vibrant cityscape such as New York, discover the possibilities you could have with our canvas prints.

Hang your chosen piece of wall art above your comfortable double bed and give your bedroom a striking and artistic look. Make your home office more inspiring with our nature-related tonal prints, or add style to your work space with a monochromatic design.

The hallway is another blank canvas that can be brought to life with inspiring wall art, so be sure to browse our range of prints to add a splash of colour and style. From fun and vibrant pop art to atmospheric landscapes, we have a great choice. Couple this with one of our deep pile rugs to create a warm and welcoming hallway.