Storage bedsteads: What’s the difference between divan beds and ottoman beds?

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Divan and ottoman beds are enduringly popular storage bedsteads for good reason. Each has their own elegant functionality appealing to different personal styles and suiting different sizes of bedrooms.

But what are the key differences between divan beds and ottoman beds and is one better than the other when it comes to comfort, style, and practicality? Find out everything you need to know about both storage bedsteads, in order to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.


Mammoth Pocket Divan Double Bed

Divan beds

  • One of the most requested styles of beds is the divan bed. Sometimes bedframes can overwhelm a room and dominate the décor, so the benefit of this versatile divan bed and headboard combination is that it allows you to pick from a variety of styles suitable to any interior taste.
  • When it comes to comfort, divan beds offer extra support. For optimum support choose one that’s pocket sprung with a firm base.
  • Often lower in cost than ottomans and other bedsteads on the market, the divan is a perfect choice for those who want good value, without sacrificing on style.
  • Divan storage beds compare favourable with bed frames, as they don’t just offer storage, they also take up less space. Their compact structure means they’re perfect for smaller rooms. Simply choose your preferred drawer configurations, then store your linens, spare clothes or bedding tidily away, easy to access and practical for everyday use.


Ottoman beds

  • An ottoman bed’s most obvious feature is its inbuilt lifting mechanism. Many have piston-assisted systems making it easy to raise the mattress to reveal the ample storage space underneath.
  • This unique characteristic also means that the mattress slowly sets back onto the bedstead once finished, so closing is effortless too.
  • Ottoman beds are available in the full range of sizes, usually with a choice of accompanying mattresses. A great addition for your guest bedroom, these beds are a good choice when storing away extra belongs you’d like to keep out of sight.
  • Some ottoman beds also include drawers, so you’re never short of places to store your belongings. As with divan beds, you can add a headboard in a style to suit your décor. Choose an opulently upholstered, padded headboard for luxuriously lazy mornings in bed.


Whether your interest is in saving space or creating stylish comfort, or perhaps both, a divan or ottoman bed could be the perfect choice for you.