Black and white: the timeless trend

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Black and white furniture is not only the preserve of interior designers but is also a simple way to create visual impact in any room.

For living rooms, a black and white sofa is not only a bold design statement but also a practical option. The City Loft corner chaise sofa not only looks stylish but can also be accessorised with a range of colours as tastes change and provides ample seating for social occasions.

Black and white furniture is an ideal choice for those who prefer a minimalist look. The Talca LHF corner sofa is the perfect choice for a streamlined look, with its clean lines and angular legs. Similarly, the Slinky Chaise combines comfort with an ultra-modern look that would be perfectly suited to a minimal design scheme. With both of these pieces, the key is to keep the walls neutral and use black as the accent colour in cushions and ornaments.

White corner sofa

Chaise chairThe monochrome look can also be achieved using smaller pieces of furniture to update an existing suite. The Uptown Dino and Uptown Katia coffee tables are ideal for a modern living room or conservatory, and perfectly encapsulates the simplicity of the look. To create a unified design, continue the colour theme through other pieces, such as a black and white chair, which will highlight the monochrome trend and result in a perfectly polished scheme.





Dino coffee tableKatia coffee table







Dino coffee table, Katia coffee table

Black and white is not only for the living room. It can be used to create a dramatic impact in a dining room by investing in a black table with monochrome chairs, such as the Savina extending table and 6 side chairs or the Tank table with plump chairs in black and white. Both can be easily accessorised with different colours to create a constantly evolving room that is sure to impress guests.

Corfu dining set

Similarly, investing in a black bed like the Rocket king size bedstead and teaming it with crisp white bed linen is a great way to create a stylish sanctuary that is also a calming environment. Using accessories such as vases, bottles and flowers to highlight key areas of the room will demonstrate attention to detail and bring the room to life.

Whatever room a black and white colour scheme is introduced into, it is an easy way to achieve a designer look.

Rocket king size bed