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Luxurious velvet

We say ‘as soft as velvet’ because there really is nothing quite as soft as velvet.

Velvet upholstery brings luxury and comfort to any home with its plush sensual feel and rich shimmering texture. By adding velvet to an interior design scheme you instantly create a voluptuous sense of opulence that’s also versatile for modern living. Velvet looks equally majestic in a vivid colour or a neutral palette because it catches the light like no other fabric.

As the autumn nights get colder, there’s nothing like a warm velvet sofa to cozy up on.

Velvet transforms a bedroom into a boudoir.

Handmade Bed Company. Boutique Divan Bed 1700

Beautifully made by hand, this luxury Boutique divan bed boasts shimmering velvet upholstery in the eminence lustro carmine finish. This stunning bed will make a visual statement in any bedroom and will suit any style of décor. The mattress has hand-nested pocket springs and all natural fillings to offer an unrivalled level of comfort and support. It rests on the firm-edged sprung divan base that is available with a variety of storage drawer combinations. You’ll sleep even better knowing that this luxurious bed is hand made by Millbrook Beds in Britain. 

The Handmade Bed Company By Millbrook Beds Boutique 1700


The plush feel of the crushed velvet fabric bed which we call Tamara, feels far more expensive than it actually is. This delightful ultra modern sleigh bed will make a design statement in any bedroom. Hand made in Britain, this luxurious bed is also available as an electric fully adjustable bed for ultimate pampering.

Mibed Tamara Bedframe


Meet Evelyn, a British-made luxury bedstead guaranteed to transform your bedroom into a lavish boudoir of luxury. Sink into your soft plumped pillows and curl your toes around your duvet while you admire the subtle curves of the scroll ends and the plush velvet buttoned headboard. This beautiful velvet bed is fit for a king, but it doesn’t cost a kings ransom.

Evelyn Velvet Bedstead

Velvet shabby-chic or retro-cool

The popular ‘shabby-chic’ look with its relaxed elegance looks fantastic with a signature velvet piece.

This will set the tone and can be added to bit by bit, with scatter cushions, velvet curtains, and luxurious accessories like velvet rugs. With this look nothing has to match or co-ordinate; just combine different items to create your own unique look.

Monroe sofa

True to its name, the Monroe sofa is stunningly curvaceous and absolutely gorgeous. This beautiful sofa is luxuriously upholstered in shimmering velvet and makes a statement in any room. Made for modern living with gentle sweeping curves, scroll arms, deep foam filled seat cushions and optional scatter cushions. This sumptuous sofa is just waiting to pamper you.

Crushed Velvet Sofa Monroe


A star in the making, the gorgeously retro Remy sofa will steal the show in any interior with its stunningly vintage look and plush velvet feel. Let the deep foam filled cushions, wide arms and high supportive back take you to comfort town. Choose your vivid colour and bask in your velvety sofa splendour.

Remy Velvet Sofa

Velvet crush rug

The soft Velvet Crush rug will add a touch of luxurious comfort to your home. This stunning rug is made of super-soft polyester microfibers that are just so soft to walk on. Available in a choice of colours including baby pink that’s sure to lift any room.

Velvet crush rugs