Snuggle Up For Warmth This Winter

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As the nights draw in and we start to notice a nip in the air, thoughts turn to the warmth of home and snuggling up with loved ones in front of the fire. Cosy snuggle chairs are just the thing, especially when combined with cushions and a favourite blanket. They bring a touch of romance to those long winter nights and remind us that sometimes the greatest pleasures are to be found in the simplest things.


Apex Love chair

Part of a range of snuggler chairs that combine traditional luxury with modern chic, this sturdy love chair is upholstered in a soft fabric in a wide range of colours. It features cleverly designed cushions that always keep their shape so you can relax in it in any way that you like and always feel supported. The clean lines and slender legs give it a chic, contemporary character.

Apex Love Chair

Shalimar Snuggler chair with leather back

A gorgeous leather love chair that will give your home a grand, timeless look, this seat is padded with foam and feathers to allow for lasting comfort. Its rich, creased hide will soften with time, so it just keeps on getting better. Soft and warm to the touch, it is a superb luxury item that is a real delight to relax in with somebody you love.

A chair like this is just the thing to welcome you home after a long day, perfect for sharing some bodily warmth on a cold winter’s night.

Shalimar snuggler chair with leather back

Langham Snuggler chair

With its classic styling and attractive upholstery, this distinctive snuggle chair is available in a range of shades perfect for autumn and winter. Its sprung seating makes it wonderfully comfortable, whether you are sharing it with someone special or curling up alone with a book, with the wide, rolling arms just the place to rest your head.

Langham Snuggler chair

Harper Snuggler chair

This appealingly bold piece of design is one of our most popular snuggle chairs, with soft, tactile fabric and elegant high arms. Its firm cushions provide excellent support and it is ideal for sharing, perhaps whilst you enjoy a bottle of wine and a favourite film. What is more, it is made from sustainable materials, making it a good option for the eco-conscious householder.

Harper Snuggler chair