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Teal furniture

Teal blue is a shade that is very much in fashion at the moment, but it is also a classic colour and if it is part of your decor it will look stylish for years to come. It's also incredibly versatile and can be combined with almost any spectrum on the colour wheel. Go on, give teal a try.


Apex chaise sofa

If you want to make a bold statement in your living room, a teal sofa will make a dramatic impact in an otherwise neutral room. It is a large piece of furniture, but it has a very simple design and the level of comfort will suit anyone’s needs. The contemporary features of this sofa are ideal for any modern home.


Zurich extending dining table and upholstered chairs

If you are looking for a teal chair, why not opt for a whole set? This dining table and chairs is right on trend at the moment, but has been given a retro feel, making it perfect for the householder who wants a classic design.


Boardwalk small casual back sofa

This modern teal sofa features three ultra-soft back cushions. The sofa is ideal for rooms where space is at a premium, and it is a great place to relax. With additional furniture available, such as a teal footstool set, it is easy to achieve a co-ordinated look.

Getting the right effect with teal is very easy if it is not overdone. The entire room does not have to feature the colour, but just a few key pieces can help to create a very dramatic look that will be much admired by friends and family.