Three Easter Decorations Anyone Can Make


Three Easter decorations anyone can make

It barely seems like five minutes since we put the Christmas decorations away, but the time has come to start thinking about celebrating Easter.

Falling at the end of March this year, it’s a great opportunity to get creative and bring some colour and fun into your living room as Spring arrives.

Here are three simple Eater decoration ideas you’ll really enjoy making.

Decorated Easter Eggs

Excellent Eggs

A traditional symbol of Easter, you can be as bold or basic as you like when it comes to transforming a simple hen’s egg.

Before you start, it a good idea to hard boil the egg to give it strength and stability, especially if you have children who want to get involved.

You might also wish to “blow” the egg, a technique which involves piercing tiny holes in each end and then blowing the yolk and white out.

This is quite time consuming however, and only necessary if you are planning on keeping your decorated eggs for some time. But with making them such fun, why not make fresh ones each year?

Once your egg is prepared, the only limit to what you can achieve is how much time you have available and your imagination.

A really quick tip is to paint half a dozen eggs in plain pastel colours – use up old paint or buy sample pots from hardware stores ­– then arrange in a shallow bowl and use as a centrepiece on your coffee table.

For a more artistic endeavour, why not create caricatures of the family and any guests you have arriving for Easter? You can then display in wooden egg cups on your dining table and see if everyone can spot themselves.

Easter Bonnet

Brilliant Bonnets

Another Easter tradition and one which grown-ups and youngsters alike can get stuck into.

If you are planning a special meal over Easter, making each of your guests a bonnet to wear at the table is a really nice way of welcoming everyone and raising a few laughs.

An inexpensive way to do this is to use cardboard to make a round shape to sit on the head ­- a bit like a crown. Then you just need to cut a disc to fit the same shape and stick them together to make a bonnet, leaving the top open.

Once you have your bonnet bases made, you can add feathers, chicks, eggs, bunny ears, flowers and more. You could even personalise them for each guest.

Haven’t got the time to make a batch of bonnets? Make a few for you and your family then invite your Easter guests to make their own and have a bonnet competition with a chocolate egg for the winner.

Chocolate creations

Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate and if you end up with more eggs in your house than even the Easter bunny could manage, it’s time to get creative in the kitchen.

Using up leftover chocolate by turning it into something new is a great way to keep the kids occupied during the school holidays and teach them a few new skills too.

A straightforward method is to melt the chocolate and mix with Cornflakes, Rice Krispies or Shredded Wheat to make nests, adding mini chocolate eggs as a finishing touch.

You could also use chunks of chocolate in cookies, brownies or cakes or stir into hot milk for an indulgent drink.

Even savoury dishes can benefit from a touch of chocolate. A piece of dark chocolate will make a chilli con carne extra rich for example, creating a spicy change from all that sweet stuff