How to dress up your dining table at home

Style guides

The dining table is a blank canvas for the imagination, helping to bring to life dinner parties, create an intimate ambiance for romantic meals for two, or showcase beautiful ornaments, vintage candle holders, ornate vases and your best tableware.


Taking time to dress your table, can help to elevate any meal from an everyday affair, to a lavish gastronomic masterpiece. Here are some savvy suggestions that will help you to add some dramatic flourishes to your dining room and ensure your dinner parties become the talk of the town.


You are what you eat… (with)


The cutlery set that you adorn your table with can say a lot about your style, whilst also setting expectation for the meal that is to be served.  They are also a great starting point to shape your table’s decorative flourishes around and luckily there’s an array of styles, colours and eras to choose from. Vintage cutlery sets can add impressive character and grandeur to your place settings and will last a lifetime if you choose wisely. If you’re feeling particularly brave, chose mismatching sets for additional creative flair.  Bone handled knives, paired with intricate silver engraved forks will blend formality and a bohemian, casual vibe perfectly. Try your local furniture or markets and car boot sales to pick up a bargain.

 A wooden dining room table with candle sticks on top of it.


Bringing it to the table


Choosing a dining table can be an overwhelming affair. Often It is the singe focal point of the room so there’s no room for error - making the task of deciding on a table a tough task.


Small spaces will benefit from round tables, as they tend to look less imposing and are easier to squeeze into tight corners. Round tables also help create a more intimate setting, and in a world dominated by straight lines, the curves offer a welcome change. Glass top dining tables also help to give the illusion of space and can help natural light fill small spaces.


However, if you have a large space to fill, don’t be shy! Embrace a more formal rectangular style and choose a design that can match up to the space. A polished marble table will help you to recreate lavish family banquets that ooze style and luxury. Alternatively, reclaimed pine tables exude an air of New York Loft apartment living.  Mid-century styling is currently having a real resurgence so embrace this trend with this beautifully designed 1950’s table design that will update the look of your home and show off your styling credentials.

 A glass top dining room table surrounded by brown chairs in a white room.


Dress up


You don’t need a special occasion to decorate the dining table and to make it look beautiful. Every day should be special. So ensure you have a few tricks up your sleeve to make sure your table will always be dressed to impress!


Fruit can be a simple and colourful way to add interest to a table. Fill different shaped vases with brightly coloured fruits, for a series of seasonal showpieces – plus if you get peckish you can tuck in! 


Plants and flowers are another natural way to add drama to a dining table. Mix bright blooms with trendy succulents for a modern display. Instead of opting for the traditional singular vase arrangements, place a row multiple smaller plants like succulents, along the length of the table so you can always see your guests! 


Finally, placemats are a staple ingredient of any meal time and a budget friendly way to change up the look of your dining table.  Invest in a few sets that help to create different looks, much like your own wardrobe.  From slate and wood, to hard backed cork mats and handmade laser cut designs, the options are endless.  Choose a design that complements your overall style and helps to bring the look together.


Light up, light up


Once you’ve dressed your table with care, you need to make sure the ambience is brought to life through the lighting in the room. The light should sparkle and flatter and you should think of a lighting scheme that can have a few different iterations, to match the type of evening you’re having.


A round table pairs perfectly with a circular pendant or chandelier, the curves complimenting the smooth table edges to soften and sensualise the space. A rectangular table is best brought to life with linear fixtures or multiple pendants along the length of the table.  Whatever lights you choose, do use a dimmer switch so you can adjust as needed to create the prefect mood.