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Attic and Loft Bedroom Ideas

There’s something strangely alluring about an attic or loft bedroom. One reason is that it sits in a part of the house where a bedroom was most likely never intended – so discovering it seems like a happy accident, as if stumbling across a secret room. Then it will probably have an unusual shape, with sloping walls, an apex or a skylight, and in an older property it may have exposed beams on the ceiling – each of these features gives the space added charm. Read on for 6 great tips on making your attic or loft space the best bedroom it can be.
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Attic bedroom ideas – ottoman bed

1. Turn the attic into your master bedroom

This is a bold choice – accepting the challenges that the space will bring, but turning it into the main bedroom of your house anyway. You just need a few clever loft bedroom ideas to make it happen. If you’re going bold, then you may as well go big, with the largest double bed that will work in the space. Maybe go for an ottoman bed if you have storage concerns. Position it under an apex to make the bed a feature of the room, or if it has to go under a sloping ceiling, try painting the the surface above a bright colour or covering it with an inspiring image.

As well as a large bed, some luxe materials will also show that this is the main bedroom of the house. Create a feeling of opulence with silk, velvet, fine linens and other high-end fabrics for the throws or cushions, as well as marble side tables as part of your bedroom furniture.

If you can’t have large windows, lighten up the space with cream or white walls, and perhaps introduce a floor lamp to boost the brightness further.


2. Put your guests up in the loft

A guest bedroom has particular requirements, and may not be used as frequently as a regular bedroom, which is why creating a space for visitors out of the way in the attic is so popular. One of the most important attic bedroom ideas for guests is simplicity, fulfilling basic needs. Really, you just need somewhere to sleep, some storage and a few home comforts, such as a reading lamp. Go for a basic metal bed frame, or choose two single beds to give more flexibility.

You might want to consider a dual use for the space, if you do not receive guests often. A day bed will give you extra storage, and serve as seating when not in use, allowing you to add a desk to make a small office, or create a play area, gym or hobby room.

A neutral colour palette works well for male and female guests, but be sure to add pops of colour for some added warmth. Items such as orange cushions or some metallics will work.


Loft bedroom ideas – leather sofa bed
Attic bedroom ideas – mid sleeper bed

3. Make the attic into a child’s bedroom

An attic can make a great bedroom for a child of any age. Perhaps a nursery for a newborn or a quirky space for a teenager. It can feel out of the way, and a cool, unusual space. Loft bedroom ideas for children should always start with the bed, and the shape of the attic may allow for a range of possibilities. Bunk beds might work, if the height allows, or you could fit in a mid sleeper bed. A day bed with storage hides away toys.

Fitted storage is always useful in rooms with awkward shapes or sloping ceilings. Try a fitted children’s wardrobe or bookcases to make the most of every nook. Lighter colours suit attic spaces, and an all-white child’s room shows off brightly-coloured toys. Invest in some wicker baskets or a toy box to keep the space tidy.


4. Go for fitted storage solutions

It can be tough to find suitable storage for an awkwardly-shaped attic. Loft bedroom ideas need to include fitted solutions that make the most of the space. Fitted wardrobes are the best solution, and can work even in a room with a sloping ceiling. Neutral colours are usually good for an attic, so look at white or grey wardrobes. Anything with a mirrored door can help to increase the feeling of space.

Look for bedroom furniture that works well with the shape of the attic. It there are sloping walls, try a low and wide chest of drawers, bookshelves, or a tall storage unit in any part of the room with more height.

Fewer furniture items are sometimes the best approach in an attic bedroom. Look for dual-purpose furniture instead, like an ottoman footstool or a trunk at the base of the bed.


Loft bedroom ideas – modern chest of drawers
Attic bedroom ideas – wood and metal open shelving

5. Choose a rustic or industrial theme

Your attic bedroom ideas might be inspired by the existing décor of the space – for example, if the attic has exposed brick, you might like to play on this with an industrial theme, or if it has exposed wooden beams, you could lean towards a country or rustic look.

In an industrial setting, continue the pared-back theme with a metal frame bed, and scatter some rugs over the bare wood floor. Copper lights, particularly pendant lighting, will work well in this space, and you can buy wooden bedroom furniture to use for storage. An open ladder shelving unit can look particularly stylish in a chic industrial attic bedroom.

With the wooden beams, make them a focal point. You could varnish them to to highlight the natural grain or create sleek linear style with wood stain or paint.

Add to the look with natural materials where possible – for example you could introduce blues and whites for a coastal vibe, with painted wood, seashells and wall art. Wooden floors with rugs suit the rustic or industrial loft bedroom.


6. Make the most of the space

How often do you get to decorate in such a unique space, with these kinds of quirks and challenges? Your attic bedroom ideas can be made to work with every slope, nook and cranny to create something truly unique.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a skylight or multiple natural light sources, work with them – placing a mirror opposite helps to reflect light around the space, if there are areas that are too dark. If it’s a bright room, you might even get away with a darker paint colour as a backdrop.

Make use of every available space on the walls. Decorate with wall art, photos and accessories that complement the space, following the slopes of the ceiling.

If you have a dramatic setting, with long wooden beams and a high apex, complement this with exotic, elaborate furniture. You could invest in a lavish statement velvet headboard, an accent chair or a dressing table for a touch of Hollywood glam. Finish with faux fur throws and piles of cushions for added luxury.


We hope that you feel inspired by our attic and loft bedroom ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.

Loft bedroom ideas – wood framed leaner mirror