The Calligaris story

Antonio Calligaris started his small artisanal business in 1923, producing the "Marocca" chair with wood from the Italian mountains and local straw. The business grew with the furniture made mainly by hand. In the 1960s the business modernized and Calligaris began to grow into the world recognized brand it is today. In the 1990s Calligaris expanded its range with beds, sofa and accessories in wood, metal, plastic, leather and glass. Now Calligaris is a truly international company, famous for its design and innovation, with flagship stores in Milan and Paris.




Starting as a small artisanal business in the 1920’s creating its signature Marocca chair, Calligaris has grown from its humble roots into a world famous innovative furniture design house, branching out into all forms of furniture solutions from chairs to tables and sofas. The quality and style of their furniture has made them industry leaders, and o ur Calligaris collection is home to some of their finest pieces. Dream up some new gourmet dishes, and make a beautiful set of Calligaris dining table and chairs central to your dinner party plans. Our smart Italian designs will captivate all your dinner party guests with their sophisticated charm. If you already have the perfect chairs, bring sleek contemporary style into your home with one of our practical and stylish extending dining tables from Calligaris. For a gorgeous dining experience for all of your loved ones and friends, browse our range at Furniture Village to find a table that suits you and projects your personal style.