Buying a sofa? Don’t forget the Floorgard Glides.

Protect your floors and carpets by asking us to fix Floorgard Glides to your new sofa, armchair or footstool. These affordable furniture floor protectors guard against scrapes, scratches and dents caused by furniture. And their smooth low-friction design makes moving heavy furniture almost effortless.
Please note: Glides cannot be fitted to sofas, armchairs and footstools with metal legs.

How to get Glides attached to your new furniture

It couldn’t be easier. In fact, we’ll do everything it for you.

Shopping in store?

Ask one of our sales consultants all about Glides and how to include them when you place your sofa, armchair or footstool order.

Shopping online?

You can request Glides just before you add a sofa, armchair or footstool to your shopping basket. Simply click the “You may also like” link.

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Step 1

Choose your sofa, armchair or footstool, either in store or online.

Step 2

We’ll select the right type, size and number of Glides for your new furniture, and fit them before delivery.

Glides for sofas

Sofas are heavy pieces of furniture that inevitably leave compression dents on carpets. And if you’ve ever tried to move a sofa to vacuum underneath it, you’ll know how much effort is required. Make life easier and protect wood and carpeted floors with Floorgard Glides. Now, even four seater sofas will simply glide across the floor.
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Glides for armchairs

Armchairs are a versatile seating solution for any living room. Arranged in pairs they’re wonderfully sociable, but if you’re looking for some alone time, one pushed next to a floor lamp makes a cosy reading nook. With Floorgard Glides chair leg pads, your armchairs will easy to move – and you’ll protect your floors from damage.
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Glides for footstools

Practical and useful, footstools are designed to be moved around a living space. Push yours against a sofa to make a chaise end, move it next to an armchair to create extra seating or place it in the centre of the room to serve as a coffee table. Wherever you move your footstool, Floorgard Glides will protect your floors beautifully.
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Treating yourself to some new furniture? There are so many sofas, armchairs and footstools at Furniture Village, we think you’ll be spoilt for choice. But if you have more questions than answers, a really good place to start is our sofa and armchair buying guide. This handy online guide walks you through all the options and gives in depth information on different sizes, different upholstery fabrics, and different optional extras as well as answering lots of common questions.

Have a good read through and you may come away committed to a large blue corner sofa with power recliners, a sumptuously soft brown leather armchair or an on trend grey storage footstool. In the meantime, enjoy browsing our wide selection. And don’t forget, whatever piece of upholstered furniture you order, don’t forget to add Floorgard Glides – the original easy-glide pads for furniture feet.