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How to create a cosy coastal cottage look

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What if you take the cosiness of cottagecore and pair it with the cooling breeze of the seaside? That’s exactly what inspired our latest look. Join us as we take you through how to create this coastal cottage retreat in just a few simple steps.

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Natural textures

Infuse your space with seaside charm by pairing handcrafted furniture with natural textures like cotton, rattan and wicker. “Handwoven fabrics and organic materials bring the rustic beauty of nature into your home in a really authentic way,” explains Lauren Huggett, a Home Design Consultant from our in-house Home Design Studio. If you want to embrace the ethos of cottagecore style even further, distress your wooden furniture to create a weathered finish. This lends your space a lived-in feel, even if you’re in a new build home.

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The feeling’s neutral

Breathe a seaside breeze into your decor with a soft palette inspired by the blue hues of the sea and the sand of the shoreline. “The gentle palette is what really brings this cottagecore inspired look together,” Lauren tells us. Set to a backdrop of whitewashed walls and neutral cream, this look pairs warm neutrals with rich blues like navy, azure and periwinkle to recreate the shades of the seashore. Subtle touches of tan brown add warmth and dimension, preventing the look from feeling too clinical, while taupe and beige help tie the whole look together.

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Keep it crafted

Handcrafted furniture is a must. “It brings authentic charm to the look,” explains Lauren. When it comes to the key pieces in your home - your sofa, bed and dining table - you want to look for designs that are made with real love and care.

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Ercol’s iconic British designs are made to last a lifetime and are the perfect addition to a trend that prioritises both sustainability and style. “Scandi-inspired furniture works really well in cottagecore spaces because of its emphasis on simplicity, functionality and use of natural materials like oak and pine,” Lauren tells us.

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Nautical nods

No coastal cottage interior would be complete without a few sea-themed style notes. These can be as simple as a fossil shell ornament on your sideboard or a couple of charming sailboat watercolours. If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, you could even create a small decorative display of shells you’ve found along the shoreline. For those a little further away from the coast, why not collect pebbles or shells from your travels and put them on view to remind you of your adventures?

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The light idea

Use windows to create a light and airy atmosphere throughout your home. “Make the most of the natural light by opting for sheer curtains.

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They diffuse the light and give this coastal cottage look its distinctive soft radiance,” Lauren explains. In the evenings, create a gentle ambience with table lamps and fairy lights, and unwind surrounded by the calming aura of the coast.

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Go green

Blue might be a central motif of coastal-themed interiors, but make sure to add little pops of green here and there too. The best way to do this? Bring the outside in with potted palms and ferns. “Not only does this recreate the serene atmosphere of the coastline but looking after plants is good for your mental health too,” Lauren advises. However, if you’re not keen on the upkeep of real plants, our range of artificial plants will give you the look you’re after.

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Oh so cosy

The one thing about cottagecore style is that it’s got to feel cosy. That means finding the perfect sofa or, in other words, a sofa that feels just as good as it looks. You can turn up the cosiness levels with plenty of soft furnishings and fabrics. “A blue or stripy rug is perfect for introducing a touch of coastal charm to your interior while adding extra comfort underfoot too,” Lauren suggests. You’ll also want to cover your sofa and bed with plenty of blankets, throws and soft scatter cushions to give your home that irresistibly snug feel cottagecore is so famous for.

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We hope this article has inspired you to create a cosy coastal-themed nook somewhere in your home. Don’t forget to share your interior creations on Instagram with #MyFVHome!

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