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Our 6 top tips for a 5-star guest room

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We all want our guests to feel welcome in our homes. In fact, one of the best parts about creating a home you love is seeing your friends and family enjoy it as much as you do. Yet too often our guest rooms are overlooked, tacked on as an afterthought to the rest of our interior decorating. And unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your brand-new kitchen is, or how luxurious your living room is, if your guests are staying in a spartan, uncomfortable bedroom.

But don’t worry – all is not lost! It’s time to take your guest bedroom from cheap bed-and-breakfast to luxury hotel with our six top tips for creating guest rooms that wow. They’re easy to implement, super effective, and will make all the difference when it comes to your guest’s comfort and enjoyment during their stay. So, without further ado, let’s delve into what makes a top-tier guest room, from colour schemes to guest bed solutions.


1. Frankie says relax

Your guest room should be a restful place that helps your guests get good quality sleep. Think about the colours you use; both blue and green have been shown to promote better sleep, so consider using them in your design. Muted hues are great for a light, soothing feel, while darker shades can help to give the space a cave-like vibe that will make your guests want to hibernate.

Plants also offer huge benefits to our sleep. Just 15 minutes of interaction with green plants helps to reduce stress, reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and improve our sleep quality. If you want your guests to feel relaxed and get a great night’s sleep, then putting some plants in your guest room could be just what you need.


2. Part of the furniture

If you want to give your loved ones the VIP treatment, then you can’t skimp on the guest bedroom furniture. To really make it feel like a home away from home, your room needs more than just a guest bed. A dressing table will give your visitors somewhere to get ready in the morning, while a wardrobe will give them plentiful hanging space.

By using furniture thoughtfully, you can give your guests a private space they can retire to when they need some time to themselves. Just make sure it’s quality pieces that fit the rest of your home – you don’t want them to feel like they’re making do with the scraps.


3. Make it a destination

As much as you want your visitors to feel at home, your guests equally want to feel as though they have gone somewhere else. Giving your guest room some special touches will make your guests feel like they’re visiting a destination, rather than someone else’s spare room. To take your space to the next level, you have to pay close attention to the details.

Bring a taste of opulence with a scenic wallpaper from de Gournay and velvet curtains. Also, don’t neglect the lighting; ensuring there is a good mixture of ambient and task lighting will go a long way in improving your guests’ comfort. And for the finishing touch, make sure the room is stocked with toiletries and spare towels. Allowing your guests to take care of themselves without feeling like they’re imposing will make their stay extra special.


4. Prioritise cosiness

While it is important to have an attractive guest room, it’s crucial to not do it at the expense of comfort or cosiness. For example, you should choose a divan guest bed that it is as stylish as it is luxuriously comfortable. And don’t worry about the size of the room; if it’s on the smaller side, work with it, not against it.

Choosing a guest bed that fits smaller spaces can be as simple as a foldable guest bed, or if you’re looking for some versatility try a single bed that turns into a double. As long as it’s cosy and gives your visitors a great night’s sleep, it will do the job nicely. With plenty of pillows, blankets, and soft furnishings, you can make any space into a cosy retreat.


5. Find a theme

A fun way to decorate your guest room is two choose a theme and stick with it throughout. By picking a theme at the start, you’ll make it easier on yourself when making décor decisions further down the line.

All it takes is to reinforce your chosen theme through colours and motifs. For example, say you’ve gone for a coastal look; a white and blue palette, coupled with natural materials like stone and rope, and finished with some more explicit pieces like a coastal landscape painting or nautical ornaments will tie the whole room together beautifully.


6. Banish clutter

Our final tip is to avoid falling into the spare room dumping ground trap. It’s all too easy to hide clutter away in your guest room – out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong. You’ll only have to deal with it when your guests are coming to stay, giving you even more stress.

Get it sorted with our smart storage. Not only will it give you peace of mind that your guest room is always ready for spontaneous stayovers, but it will also help to fill out your room with that all-important furniture to make it feel more lived in.


Now you’re armed with the knowledge to create a truly spectacular guest room, we’d love to see what you come up with. Please share your interiors on Instagram using #MYFVHOME, and if we love it, we may ask to feature it on our official social media.

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