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12 children’s bedroom ideas

Make your little one’s bedroom a space they love spending time in with our fun and easy children’s bedroom ideas. As styled by influential interior stylist, Nicole Gray.
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1. Choose your colour scheme

“Consider the mood you want to create, whether that’s calm and serene or energetic and vibrant,” says Nicole. “Use their favourite toys or hobbies as a base, and work from there. Dinosaurs, the solar system, ballet - whatever sparks their imagination.”


2. Create a cosy play den

A play den is a cosy reading nook one moment, a doorway to a magical kingdom the next. “They're a creative space for kids - and so easy to make. All you need are some colourful bedsheets, string, a mattress and plenty of comfy scatter cushions to dot around.”


3. Create a scribble zone with a chalkboard

"Chalkboards are one of my all-time favourite style hacks for children's bedrooms. It's a designated scribble zone (which hopefully means no scribbles anywhere else!) and it encourages imaginative play. Plus, it can be constantly repainted, so it won't go out of style." A definite contender for ultimate children's bedroom idea...


4. Design a wall art gallery

Stuck for children’s bedroom décor ideas? Try a wall art gallery. They're so easy to make: collect your favourite pieces of wall art, measure up and get arranging! “I love gallery walls. They’re so simple and a great way to bring your child’s own personality into the mix, and you can change it up whenever you want.”


5. Consider underbed storage

Kids are messy; it’s a fact of life. But clever storage can keep it under control. "I'm a big fan of underbed storage. Pull-out drawers are a smart use of space and the perfect home for clothes, bed linen and toys. Plus, they’re easy for kids to use too."


6. Get them a bunk bed

Bunk beds are a classic children’s bedroom idea. “They're amazing space-savers for siblings sharing a room, they maximise vertical space which leaves more room for play, and they’re great for sleepovers. Plus, they help encourage communication and connection between children,” explains Nicole. Shop kids beds.


7. Paint a feature wall

Walls are huge blank canvases where you can create a statement wall decal like a faraway mountain scene or a leafy jungle. “Choose a design that means something to both of you, such as a scene from their favourite book or film,” suggests Nicole. Time to dig those paintbrushes out...


8. Pick out fun bedding

Help them drift off to the land of nod in style with colourful bedding. “Bed linen is often overlooked but it’s a quick and affordable way to add colour or contrast to your child’s bedroom. You can go bold with patterns or keep it simple with plain pastels."


9. Get creative with storage

Kids storage should be two things: within easy reach and made to last. “Look for kid-friendly foldable baskets, pull-out bed drawers and fun shelving for books and nick-nacks. These make it easy for kids to tidy up - which we all know can be a challenge


10. Give them space to play

With so many fun design possibilities, it can be easy to lose sight of the most important thing about your child’s bedroom: it’s a playroom too. “Be sure to give them lots of floor space by choosing space-saving furniture. Lots of natural light also helps to make rooms feel bigger.”


11. Choose a bed that will grow with them

“It can be hard to find furniture that will last them from tots to teenagers, but high sleepers are a great option. They triple-up as somewhere they can sleep, study and relax. And this way, you’ll only need to change the décor as they grow.”


12. Bring your kids on the design journey

To wrap things up, here’s Nicole’s most important bit of advice. “Bring your child on the design journey with you. Make it fun by creating a moodboard together with their favourite pictures and colours, and let them make some of the choices: they’ll relish the responsibility of choosing the colour palette or theme."


We hope these children’s bedroom ideas have inspired you to get creative with your little one’s bedroom designs. We’d love to see what you come up with. Just share your snaps with #MYFVHOME on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed.

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