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Grey is the new neutral that everybody’s loving.
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When decorating or designing, it’s rare that any room has the perfect dimensions for your needs or style preferences.
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So you’ve just taken delivery of some fantastic new furniture. You’re excited to sit on it, put your feet up on it, arrange the best china in it, eat a meal on it, and generally relax on it but there’s one problem.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips
Grey and brown is one of the best colour combinations you can choose for your living room.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips
It’s easy to see why grey continues to be such a popular shade in interior décor.
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Easter is approaching, and as we all emerge blinking from winter hibernation it’s time to start thinking about entertaining guests again.
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Recently overshadowed by its sophisticated sister grey, uber-cool black is making a comeback and we want to show you how these two versatile colours can join together to create a wonderful variety of interiors.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips Lifestyle
Grey is the colour of the moment – it’s both fashionable and versatile. With so many hues, it works well with both neutral and vibrant shades.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips Guides
Grey and yellow are popular colours in living rooms as they complement each other perfectly. Read our top tips on using these gorgeous shades in your home.
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