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Gorgeous grey colour schemes for living rooms

It’s easy to see why grey continues to be such a popular shade in interior décor. Its incredible versatility plays no small part. Whether you prefer a warm colour palette or cool-toned hues, grey provides a stylish background for experimenting with colour, texture and design. If you’d like to create a beautiful grey living room but are not sure where to start, we’re here to help. Read on for our 7 grey colour schemes for living rooms that are sure to make you fall in love with this timeless neutral shade.
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Grey sofa with grey accents

1. Grey monochrome

While grey works incredibly well as a base tone from which to explore other shades, it can be absolutely exquisite on its own too. The key to preventing your grey living room from feeling too clinical or cold is to play with texture and depth of colour within your grey colour scheme. Include a range of greys, from deep charcoals to soft doves, to ensure that there is complexity to your space and warmth as well as coolness.

Think about creating statements with pieces of furniture too. For example, look for a stylish grey armchair and accessorise with a chunky throw. For extra comfort, treat your living room to a plush rug with a shaggy texture for a sense of cosiness. Don’t forget to consider your lighting too, plenty of light sources and warm bulbs will help to keep your grey living room from feeling cold.


Grey snuggler armchair
Pink accent armchair

2. Grey, pink and rose gold

Pink and grey are a classic combination in grey colour schemes for living rooms. These colours work beautifully together, particularly if you choose a soft grey and dusky pink (this pink shade is a great on-trend choice too). To keep your living room feeling up-to-date, think about accents of rose gold, perhaps tie in a rose gold coffee table with a marble top for a splash of contemporary style.

For a real style statement, consider keeping the neutral grey shades to your wall colour and add a pink sofa for a pop of colour.

3. Grey and yellow hues

Yellow and grey is a wonderfully versatile combination and one of our favourite grey colour schemes for living rooms. If you love the cheerfulness of bright sunshine yellow, soft grey tones are a great way to keep this vibrant shade from becoming overwhelming. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of on-trend mustard, dark charcoal greys work well to complement and anchor this striking tone.

Whatever your preference, remember to choose a grey that has a similar undertone to your yellow. For example, cooler yellows work better with blue-toned greys, whereas warm-toned yellows are better suited to red-toned greys.


Yellow chaise sofa with grey accents

4. Grey and winter florals

The great thing about grey colour schemes for living rooms is that they give you plenty of opportunity to play with print and colour.

For a contemporary update to the floral trend, you might want to think about dark winter florals. These look particularly exquisite against grey and you can really get creative with your colour scheme. Most dark colours work well with grey shades but choose deep, vibrant hues to really make the most of this style. Navy blues, raspberry pinks, emerald greens and mustard yellows are all great choices.

If you want to make a really bold statement, consider painting your walls a dark grey to complement your florals. Light-coloured sofas and pops of colour from your floral prints will keep your living room from feeling too dark.

Grey cushions with blue botanical pattern
Brown leather chesterfield sofa

5. Grey, cream and dark brown

Grey colour schemes for living rooms can be wonderfully timeless. To create a sense of classic style in your living room, think about pairing soft grey with cream and dark brown. This neutral palette works particularly well with traditional interiors, although it would look equally exquisite in an industrial-inspired living room.

With soft grey shades (particularly with a warm undertone) on your walls, the opportunities are endless to create an inviting living room. Marry your grey shades with statement leather sofas, such as a classic chesterfield, or mix and match armchairs in distressed brown leather. Accessorise with soft furnishing in cream hues and a variety of textures (wood, for example, works very well with a brown, cream and grey colour scheme).


Industrial style wood and metal display cabinet

6. Grey and natural textures

As well as being a wonderful shade for pairing with bright colours, grey also works very well with natural textures. Using a grey colour scheme as a base for your living room, there is plenty of opportunity to experiment with bringing the outdoors in.

Consider incorporating stone greys and charcoal greys to start in your grey colour scheme. From there, you can think about layering interesting textures in your living room. A fabric sofa in a woven or textured material has rustic appeal, be sure to accessorise yours with faux fur or chunky knitted throws. Look for living room furniture with a country feel too, such as wooden coffee tables and shelving units – these will help to add to the overall natural appeal. Incorporate plants (whether artificial or real) and think about statement features, such as exposed brickwork or a log fire, to really keep your living room cosy.


7. Grey and deep green

Deep green also works well in grey colour schemes for living rooms. For a contemporary take on green, look for deep forest shades. These striking hues perfectly complement a range of grey tones.

To give your living room a sense of opulence, pair deep green with dark, charcoal greys. These colours look sumptuous together and work particularly well in larger rooms. To add drama, choose wood and metal coffee tables or industrial-style bookcases to create a real style statement.

For smaller rooms, combine your deep green shade with softer grey hues – add a pop of colour to a grey sofa with a dark green or rich teal cushion.

You may want to introduce colour through your living room furniture itself, rather than use this vibrant shade on your walls. A dark green sofa against a muted grey backdrop will prevent your living room from feeling cluttered or limited in space.

Dark green sofa

Whichever colour combination you choose, we hope you’re inspired by these grey colour schemes for living rooms and find your own perfect combination.


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