A good night’s sleep is the best way to stay healthy and happy and it all starts with a great bed frame and a comfortable and supportive mattress. As a result, it’s probably the most important choice of your life, after you partner, your career and maybe even your football team. Choose from our wide range of upholstered bed frames, in a number of designs, fabrics and colours. Alternatively, you might prefer one of our metal or wooden bed frames. One of the great benefits of a modern bed frame is that many of them with clever storage hidden under the mattress base. These are known as ottoman bed frames.

Types of bed frames here at Furniture Village

First things first, it’s useful to know the difference between a bed frame and a divan bed. A divan bed comprises a mattress and divan base. The base has the same dimensions as a standard mattress, be it single or super king. Because the mattress sits directly on top of the divan base, it means that a divan bed is slightly more compact than a bed frame, so can be great option in a smaller room where it can be a real space saver. With a bed frame, the mattress sits within the frame of the bed and typically uses wooden slats, connected to the frame to support the mattress. Unlike a divan bed, a bed frame usually has space under the bed (unless it’s an ottoman bed frame). An ottoman bed frame is a bed frame that lifts to reveal a storage space. This is a great place to keep your spare bedding and extra pillows or for medium- to long-term stored items like your summer clothes or winter jumpers. The great thing about bed frames is that they come in a wide range of design features, materials, fabrics and colours. Your first decision is whether you’d like an upholstered, metal, or wooden bed frame. A natural wooden bed frame is great if you like a more traditional, French country or understated Shaker-style bedroom. Upholstered bed frames are perhaps our most popular type of bed frames and are a good choice if you want your bed frame to have a dramatic or eye-catching headboard and be a real bedroom focal point. If you’re looking for a children’s bed frame, then look no further than our kids beds and bunk beds collection. There are some seriously cool kids bed frames in this range. If you have an extended or blended family or just friends that like to stay over from time to time, you may also want to look into our guest bed solutions or our range of stylish and versatile sofa beds.

Choosing the right bed frame for my bedroom

When choosing a bed frame for your bedroom, there are five important things to bear in mind. The size of the room; the size of those who will sleep in the bed (don’t forget to factor in the cat, the dog and at least one of the kids); how you like to sleep – cuddled up together or as far apart as possible; how often it will be slept in; and any extra storage space needs. After factoring in all those considerations, we always recommend that you choose the biggest bed frame that you can because you’ll never regret having too much space in bed. Beyond that, your next decision is all about comfort, aesthetics, and your personal style. If you want comfort, choose an upholstered bed frame with a soft, supportive headboard. We have an unrivalled range of upholstered bed frames made to an exacting standard using the highest quality fabrics in a wide choice of colours. If you need more advice or guidance on which bed frame to buy, we’ve put together a helpful bed buying guide.

Bed frame sizes

When you’re choosing a new bed frame – or even a new mattress or divan bed – there are three things that you need to understand:

  1. Mattresses are all standard sizes, no matter where you buy them.
  2. All UK mattresses are 190 cm long (6’3” in feet and inches), except for king and super king mattresses which are 200 cm long (6’6” in feet and inches).
  3. Bed frames are NOT standard sizes. They are all designed so that standard sized mattresses fit them but because bed frames differ slightly – some have deep padded headboards, some bed frames have ends, some are slightly wider and so on – you’ll need to check the dimensions to make sure that the bed frame you love fits your bedroom.
Beyond that, mattresses and therefore bed frames, fall into the following size categories, from smallest to largest:
  • Small single bed frame (75 cm or 2’6” wide): this bed frame is ideal for a small child and their first “grown up bed” after they outgrow their cot bed.
  • Single bed frame (90 cm or 3’ wide): the perfect bed frame size for children and the bed in the spare room.
  • Small double bed frame (120 cm or 4’ wide): this bed frame size is great for young adults, teenagers that have suddenly shot up overnight and now need more space, or those who just like to spread out starfish-style when they sleep.
  • Double bed frame (135 cm or 4’6” wide): the classic double bed frame, great for two average sized adults.
  • King size bed frame (150 cm or 5’ wide): the perfect bed frame if one or both of you like to stretch out or if one of you is a restless sleeper.
  • Super king bed frame (180 cm / 6’ wide): if you have space, always opt for the biggest bed frame you can, so that there’s plenty of room for you both and some spare for little ones (kids and pets) too.

The finishing touches

Of course, the most important thing your new bed frame might need is a new mattress. Choose from our range of gel, memory foam or pocket sprung mattresses. Once you’ve sorted your perfect bed frame and mattress combo, it’s time to turn to the rest of the bedroom. Our team of designers and buyers have put together a stunning range of bedroom furniture to go with every bed that we sell. And our range of home furnishing accessories includes table lamps, mirrors and rugs that will look great in your bedroom.

Bed buying guides and advice

If you need help finding the perfect mattress and bed frame for you then first familiarise yourself with our bed size guide. For everything else have a read of our bed buying guide.