We spend about a third of our lives in bed and we all know that a good night’s sleep is the basis for a happy and healthy life. Logic would suggest, therefore, that the most important thing that you’ll ever buy for your home, will be your next new bed. The good news is that as a serial winner of National Bed Retailer of the Year, you’ve come to the right place to buy the best bed, at an unbeatable price. Let’s look at your options.

If you want a bed with storage, look for an ottoman bed or a divan bed with storage drawers. If you want a luxurious big bed that can accommodate an all-in family snuggle, check out our range of super king size beds. If you need a great value single bed for the kids or spare room or a sumptuous double bed upholstered in plush velvet for your room, we’ve got it. Truth be told, we have an unrivalled range of beds, mattresses, and bed frames in every size and numerous designs. Not only that but they all come with a 20-year structural guarantee and a promise that you won’t find any of our beds cheaper elsewhere.

Types of bed frames here at Furniture Village

There are several different ways to search for your ideal new bed but let’s start with the first choice which is between either a divan bed or a bed frame. Divan beds comprise a mattress and an upholstered base. The mattress sits directly on top of the divan base. Divan beds look neat and compact and in smaller bedrooms, where space is at a premium, or rooms with a sloped ceiling you might be able to squeeze in a bigger bed if it’s a divan, particularly if you don’t have a headboard. Many divan beds have storage included, either in the form of ottoman storage or as built-in drawers. With a bed frame, the mattress sits within the frame of the bed, usually on wooden slats which are connected to the sides of the frame to support the mattress. Unlike a divan bed, a bed frame usually has space under the bed. Lift an ottoman bed and underneath you’ll find a sizable storage space. This is a great place to keep your spare bedding, extra pillows, or hide your Christmas presents. The great thing about a bed frame is that they come in a wide range of designs, materials, fabrics, and colours. The next question is whether you’d prefer an upholstered, metal or wooden bed frame. Upholstered bed frames are our most popular, particularly those that are also ottoman bed frames, as the storage they provide is so useful. If you need new beds for your children, then take a moment to look at our kids beds and bunk beds collection. Some of these beds cleverly combine places to play, study and store clothes. And some have an integrated pull-out guest bed, which is great when your child has a friend staying for a sleepover. If you have a large blended family, kids popping back from college with friends in tow or you just need an extra bed for the in-laws at Christmas, you might want to take a look at our guest beds and also our range of sofa beds. 7

Choosing the right bed for my bedroom

In your quest for the perfect bed for your bedroom, there are several things you must consider, namely the size of the room and the people who will sleep in it (don’t forget the cat, the dog, and the kids). Then consider how you like to sleep: do you cuddle up together or spread out like a couple of starfish when you’re in bed? After factoring in all those considerations, we recommend that you choose the biggest bed that you can, because you’ll always be grateful for extra space in bed. Your next decisions concern comfort, aesthetics and your personal style. If you want comfort, choose an upholstered bed frame or a divan bed with a soft supportive headboard. We have an unrivalled range of upholstered bed frames, made to an exacting standard using the highest quality fabrics in a wide choice of colours. If you need more advice or guidance on which bed frame to buy, we’ve put together a helpful bed buying guide.

Bed sizes

At Furniture Village, we stock every standard bed size, from small single to super king size. Our small single beds are ideal for a small child or a small bedroom. At 75 cm or 2’6” wide they’re just a little narrower than a regular single bed. A single bed is a popular size for one person, and a good choice for a smaller bedroom, a guest room or a child’s room. Single beds are 3’ wide are 90 cm wide (or 3’). If the bedroom is big enough, we recommend that you opt for a small double bed – even if there’s only going to be one person sleeping in it. At 120 cm (4’) wide, a small double bed generally provides enough room for a couple to sleep without disturbing each other. Our double beds answer most people’s needs for a comfortably large bed. At 135 cm or 4’6” wide, double beds allow a single sleeper to sprawl in comfort – and are plenty big enough for couples, too. If your bedroom is large enough, we recommend a king size bed. King size beds are 150 cm wide (that’s 5’) so you and your partner will have more than enough space to sleep stretched out. And even if it’s just you in the bed, having all that space will feel so relaxing. Our largest bed size is the super king bed. At 180 cm (or 6’) wide, super king beds are big – so make sure your bedroom is big enough – but oh so very comfortable.

Bedroom inspiration

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – the place where you can shut away the day’s problems and sink into a wonderful deep sleep in your new Furniture Village bed. Our team of designers and sleep experts have put together lots of inspirational bedroom design ideas that we think you’re going to love. Create the look for yourself by shopping our stunning range of bedroom furniture and bedroom accessories. We think you’ll find that you can buy everything you need for your perfect bedroom right here at Furniture Village.

Bed buying guides and advice

If you need help finding the perfect mattress and bed, then be sure to consult our bed buying guide and our mattress buying guide for plenty of expert advice. There are numerous scientific studies that have proven it, but you know from personal experience, that everything is better after a good night’s sleep. If you need some help sleeping, here are some tips for a better night's sleep, together with some ideas on how to create the bedroom of your dreams.