At the end of the day, your home is the place where you can be truly comfortable. It’s where you can kick off your shoes, stretch out on the sofa, and take a nap undisturbed. That’s why we encourage you to pick furniture – like the pieces from the Comfort Story collection – that really suits you and your personality, not just the style of your home. You may like the look of very formal or traditional furniture, but if your lifestyle is a rather more relaxed, then consider an inviting corner sofa, armchairs upholstered in family-friendly fabrics or even a large leather sofa.

In the dining room, too, opt for easy-care finishes like a glass or high-gloss dining table. Pair with comfortable padded and upholstered dining chairs that encourage everyone to linger at the dinner table. If yours is a smaller dining room or kitchen diner, we have many furniture options that are sized to suit. For starters, have a look at our collection of bar tables and space-saving dining tables.