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14 ways to create a relaxing bedroom

“Many people struggle to get to sleep at night but what they may not realise is that their bedroom could be making things worse. If your bedroom isn’t the calm and distraction-free place that’s necessary to wind down and prepare yourself for sleep, take a look at these relaxing bedroom ideas.” – Dr Ranj, Furniture Village sleep and wellness ambassador
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A relaxing bedroom is essential for consistent good-quality sleep which, in turn, is key for your physical and mental wellbeing. From choosing the right mattress to creating a sensory environment that helps your mind unwind, it’s important to pay a bit of attention to how your bedroom looks and feels. Read on for our 14 relaxing bedroom ideas and then visit our Sleep Well, Live Well sleep hub for more help and advice.


1. Find the right mattress

If you’re feeling at all sleep deprived, know that a really great night’s sleep starts and ends with the correct mattress, one that supports you in all the right places and keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.

Not sure how to find the best mattress for you and your relaxing bedroom? Our bed experts created this handy mattress buying guide.

2. Keep things cool

A recent survey revealed that UK adults are clocking up nine broken nights of sleep every month, so here’s an easy way to stack the odds in your favour.

As body temperature naturally drops as night-time approaches, sleeping in a cooler room can help reinforce your natural instinct to sleep. You're less likely to wake up during the night, and more likely to wake feeling refreshed. Tend to overheat? Try a stay-cool mattress.


3. Create your own zen

After a busy day taking a little time to decompress is vital for your mental wellbeing. If your bedroom is the only place you can retreat for some alone time, make sure it’s as actually a relaxing bedroom. Take a break, put on some tunes and put your feet up for half an hour.

4. Replace your pillows regularly

Your pillow is almost as important as your mattress. Change yours every couple of years to ensure it continues to offer the right support and is free from allergens.

Depending on your sleep position you might need a firm, medium or soft pillow.


5. Keep lighting low

Darkness helps production of the sleep hormone melatonin and so helps you fall asleep faster. Opt for layered lighting from different light sources so you can gradually reduce room brightness as bedtime gets closer. Take a look at our bedroom lighting selection for inspiration.

6. Bring nature in

As a relaxing bedroom idea plants are both stylish and affordable. And they might actually help you sleep better. Try gorgeously scented lavender, famous for its relaxing properties, or if you're not green-fingered, some artificial plants can bring the illusion of the nature side.


7. Choose calming bedroom colours

Go bright and bold in your living room, dining room and kitchen, but keep things calm in your bedroom. Softer, more muted colours are more relaxing and may help soothe you to sleep.

Paint your bedroom in relaxing bedroom colours like blues and greens and opt for a matt finish.

8. Cut out the clutter

A streamlined space can help you relax. In fact, the very act of tidying up – putting clothes away or straightening a dressing table top – can be very relaxing as you prepare for bed. Invest in functional storage like a wardrobe with built in shelving or a bedside table with drawers.


9. Create a sensory haven

Some flowers, a reed diffuser or candle, gentle music or even a simple white noise machine can all help create a relaxing bedroom that soothes your senses and eases you to a better night’s sleep.

10. Treat yourself to top-quality bedding

Small luxuries can really help elevate your mood. For a relaxing bedroom idea you’ll love, treat yourself to high thread count sheets and pillowcases. You’ll feel like you're sleeping at a stylish boutique hotel, and what could be more relaxing than that?

11. Find peace in symmetry

Draw on the principles of feng shui – the ancient art of designing living spaces to create harmony and balance – and opt for a symmetrical arrangement of furniture and accessories for your relaxing bedroom. Think pairs of bedside cabinets or matching chests of drawers.


12. Keep it simple

While we love an ornate mirror in the bathroom or a bright red sofa in the living room, keeping things understated in the bedroom may help you sleep better.

Opt for simple finishes, neutral colours and natural textures. Oak bedroom furniture ticks all the boxes for a relaxing bedroom.

13. Respect the sleep zone

We’ve all done it in the bedroom – answered emails, caught up on work, folded laundry and watched TV. Sleep experts recommend you avoid associating your bedroom with active or everyday tasks and create a space that’s focused on relaxation, plain and simple.


14. Make every bedroom a relaxing bedroom

The whole family can benefit from better sleep. Pay attention to your kids’ sleep routines and if they struggle to fall asleep or they tend to wake in the night, make sure their sleep environment is as relaxing as yours. Create the perfect sleep space with our kids’ bedroom furniture.

We hope you found our relaxing bedroom ideas helpful. Check out our Sleep Well, Live Well sleep hub for top sleep tips and more from Furniture Village sleep and wellness ambassador, Dr Ranj.

Did you know that lack of sleep meant that 10 million UK workers called in sick over a recent three-month period? To see how bad we are at sleeping well, take a look at our sleep survey results.

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