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7 inspirational master bedroom ideas

A master bedroom is different to the other bedrooms in your house. This is your own private sanctuary. Guests may spend time in the different rooms, or stay in a guest bedroom, but the master bedroom is generally off-limits. You’re free to indulge and relax in a room that calms and welcomes you, allowing you to recharge and escape, as well as sleep. So, how do you design the perfect master bedroom? Our 7 top master bedroom ideas will show you the way.
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Master bedroom ideas 1: settle on your style

Settling on a style for your master bedroom décor makes choosing your bedroom furniture easier and gives your room a unified look. Popular styles tend to be classic, rustic and modern. For the classic look, go for a super king bed frame, or the biggest bed your space allows. A large bed gives your master bedroom a lavish, opulent feel. Match your bed with a headboard, bedside tables and two lamps on either side. Go for wooden bedroom furniture and neutral walls to complete your classic décor.

For master bedroom ideas that lean more towards the rustic, go big on natural materials and textures, with woven rugs and copper lighting. Choose a wooden headboard, or go for luxurious contrast with a lavish velvet upholstered bed frame. Modern style is all about clean, straight lines and minimalist design. Choose a bed with a low profile – a simple metal bed frame or sleek wooden bed frame will do, or choose a divan bed with a clean lined, upholstered headboard. LED lighting adds a modern edge.


Master bedroom ideas 2: choose your colour palette

As your own personal haven, your bedroom needs to feel cosy and inviting, and much of this will come down to your chosen colour scheme. Try a classic approach or be more daring – some of the next-level master bedroom decorating ideas use feature walls and bold pops of colour to perfection. White is the fail-safe bedroom colour – it’s clean, chic and elegant, works well with any accent shade, and there is no shortage of white bedroom furniture to choose from. Mix in creams, white cushions and rugs in varying textures, with natural tones like wood, to stop you master bedroom décor feeling plain.

Master bedroom ideas: cream upholstered bed

Grey is a popular neutral at the moment, and it blends beautifully with many other colours. Start with a grey bed frame, then add navy blue and cream. If you try a darker shade on the walls, keep the bedding and bedroom furniture white to break up the scheme and stop the room feeling too closed-in. A dash of vibrant colour, introduced through accessories such as vases or table lamp shades, or metallics that reflect light, is sure to bring your bedroom to life.



Master bedroom ideas 3: make your bed the star of the show

The best master bedroom designs make the bed the focal point of the room. Nothing says relaxation and comfort quite like a large, inviting and beautifully dressed bed. A gorgeous bed piled with luxurious cushions makes your bedroom feel as opulent as a boutique hotel. Position is important here – place the bed centrally in the room for maximum impact. Also think about the design and size of your bed, and what works best in the space. A divan bed with an elaborate design will be eye-catching yet also practical if it has inbuilt ottoman or drawer storage, or try a stylish upholstered bed with a tall headboard and foot board for added drama. Even a simpler bed frame can steal the spotlight when it’s placed against a white wall, with large bedside tables either side, all working together to make their presence felt. Liven up the bed with white sheets, cushions and a throw, and a quality Tempur mattress for added comfort.

Master bedroom idea 4: add seating

One of the most obvious master bedroom decorating ideas – assuming that this is the largest bedroom in the house, with extra space – is to create your own chill-out or seating area. This could be somewhere that you come to relax or read. Create a reading corner with a grey armchair and a tall lamp, either next to a bookcase or a window to benefit from the natural light. Or, if you prefer to steal yourself away to catch up with your favourite TV show or movie on your tablet, buy a cuddle chair or day bed, so you can stretch out. Choose your master bedroom décor to reflect your personal taste. A large piece of wall art that you love will make you feel happy every time you retreat to your bedroom sanctuary.


Master bedroom: cream bedside table

Master bedroom idea 5: ramp up the luxury

The master bedroom, more than any room in the house, is your own personal space – why not take the opportunity to really indulge, adding a few luxe touches here and there? These can be made to work well with your other master bedroom decorating ideas, so will not feel out of place. White and neutrals can be the stepping stones to a light and luxurious room. White dressing tables, ornate headboards, silver mirrors and chandeliers are all the right ingredients for a touch of Hollywood glamour. Even better with huge windows and billowing white curtains.

Just think of materials that evoke luxury – try a marble coffee table or side tables, or gold cushions on the bed. Satin, velvet and metallics can also be worked into your master bedroom designs. Try elegant furniture pieces with a mirrored finish, perhaps with a copper table lamp sitting on top.


Master bedroom idea 6: invest in great storage

A master bedroom should make you feel relaxed, so avoiding clutter and creating plenty of storage to tidy away clothes and other items will help to maintain that serenity. Your master bedroom ideas should help you create a space that is indulgent, but also functional. So let’s talk wardrobes. A semi-fitted wardrobe is great for a modern master bedroom, while a free-standing wardrobe gives a classic feel. Also consider a double bed with storage, as this provides useful extra storage space, increasing the chances of your room staying tidy.

Master bedroom ideas: 5 door wardrobe

A chest of drawers and bedside tables are other useful forms of storage, while – if you have room – a display cabinet is perfect for showing off prized possessions. A master bedroom should be personal to you, and that includes what you decide to showcase. You could also try floating shelves as part of your master bedroom décor.


Master bedroom ideas: cream bedroom set

Master bedroom ideas 7: settle on your style

While the master bedroom of our dreams is ideally spacious, that does not mean a smaller room can’t be just as effective. With small master bedroom ideas, the key is to be clever with the space you have – try a foldaway desk, or a small dresser in place of a nightstand.

Go for a small double or queen size bed, rather than a king, to give yourself more room, and preferably a version with storage. Elsewhere, opt for fitted storage that blends into the wall, as it will not seem as imposing – include sliding door wardrobes here, or wardrobes with bi-fold doors, as neither will open out into the room, taking up even more space.

Small master bedroom ideas tend to favour a lighter colour scheme, as darker colours will make the space seem smaller. If you do prefer a dark shade for your walls, break them up with white for the furniture and bedding. Another tip is to match your bedroom furniture and wall colours, then you can incorporate larger pieces. Include reflective surfaces, metallics and mirrors, to increase the feeling of space.

We hope that you feel inspired by our master bedroom ideas. Go on, spoil yourself, you deserve it!

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