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8 delicious dining room furniture ideas

As a nation, we spend a lot of time looking for the most stylish sofa and the comfiest mattress. But what happens when it comes to designing our dining spaces? As the traditional sit-down family dinner becomes less and less compatible with busy modern life, it seems we’ve closed the door on our dining rooms. We think that’s a shame – so we’ve come up with a whole menu of ways to revitalise your dining room. Put our dining room furniture ideas to use and soon everyone will be asking for a seat at your table.
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1. Dining tables deconstructed

First on our list of dining room furniture ideas – the dining table. Every dining room needs one. Even if you’re not a chef extraordinaire who loves to entertain, the family dining table is still the perfect place to gather for coffee and conversation.

Choose the dining table shape that makes the most of your dining room without overwhelming the available space. Round dining tables are a democratic solution, quickly eliminating certain people’s quest to always be at the head of the table. A round table brings dinner guests closer, conversation flows more organically, and it’s certainly easier to pass the vegetables.

A circular dining table is the perfect shape for a square dining room, but if your dining room is rectangular, consider a rectangular dining table or a square dining table. Oval dining tables are not as common, but are a stylish and visually pleasing compromise between rectangular and round.

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2. Flexible, versatile extending dining tables

At least once or twice a year, perhaps more often, you’ll open your (dining room) doors to a veritable horde of visitors expecting great conversation and even better food. Whether it’s Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner, it’s true that a regular-size dining table simply won’t do. These are the times that you’ll be glad you chose an extending dining table which is basically your everyday dining table with an extra leaf or two seamlessly incorporated.

Often, the extra leaves are stored within the body of the extendable dining table itself and simply pop up when you pull the two table ends apart. All you really need to do is make sure that you have enough dining chairs to go around or, at a pinch, a spare home office chair or kitchen chair or three.

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3. Make life easy with a ready-made modern dining room set

If you’re not sure what style of dining chair looks best with what look of dining table, you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t have to know. Contemporary dining room sets take the hard work out of putting together the perfect combination by pairing a dining table with either four or six dining chairs to create the perfect dining set. Need to seat more? At Furniture Village, you can also buy extra dining chairs either singly or in pairs, all of which makes the dining set one of the most functional and flexible of dining room furniture ideas.

If contemporary dining room sets aren’t quite your style, opt for something with a more traditional feel like an oak dining set instead.

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4. Space-saving dining room furniture ideas

Even if yours is a small dining room, you don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience. Small extending dining tables seat four when not extended. Drop leaf tables push neatly against a wall when not in use. And upholstered dining chairs make great accent chairs in living rooms and bedrooms.

In a very small dining room, a small circular dining table or bistro table with a couple of dining chairs is the perfect place for dinner for two – especially if you make up in style what you lack in space. Think a marble-topped round table paired with leather dining chairs, or a sleek high-gloss small square dining table with upholstered dining chairs.

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5. Double-duty dining room furniture ideas

If your dining room gets used for homework or even as an everyday workspace or occasional guest room, furnishing it appropriately requires some thought. You still need a dining table and dining chairs, but think about adding pieces that optimise space for other purposes and don’t look out of place in a dining setting. So, if your dining room is also your home office, opt for a neat bureau or writing desk with hidden storage and a drop-down front that doubles as a laptop desk. You may even be able to find one that coordinates with your bookcases, sideboards and other storage.

And talking of sideboards, remember that these useful and stylish storage pieces aren’t just for serving dishes and salad spoons. Their shelves are a great place to stack board games, and the drawers, especially those with cutlery dividers, help keep pens, pencils and other small stationery items neatly contained. Need to make space for an overnight guest? How about a single sofa bed? Also known as a chair bed, this stylish and versatile piece looks just like a comfy armchair – but then quickly converts to a single bed.

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6. Dining room furniture ideas for casual kitchen dining

If a formal dining room isn’t really your style, may we point you in the direction of dining room furniture ideas that have more of a casual vibe, ideal for kitchens and kitchen diners. Bar tables with bar stools fall into this category. Tailor made for two, the bar table set is perfect for a quick meal yet quickly adapts to a more intimate and stylish dinner especially if you choose a set where the bar stools take inspiration from dining chairs – fully upholstered or with a high or low cross back. For dining comfort, be sure you choose bar stools or bar chairs with integrated footrests.

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7. Cool and on trend dining room furniture ideas

Living rooms are traditionally the design hub of any home. You pick the perfect sofa, accessorise with rugs and cushions, think carefully about wall art and lighting, and look forward to inviting people round to admire your excellent taste. It’s time to make the dining room every bit as stylish, and every bit as reflective of your inherent interior style and creativity.

The industrial look is a great way to express your personality, especially if you love furniture with an authentic or rustic feel. Opt for a reclaimed-wood dining table, industrial storage pieces with weathered metal accents, and dining chairs upholstered in real or faux leather. This is a look which will make any dining room feel warm, welcoming and lived in, and is perfect for cosy dinner parties.

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Complete the look with creative finishing touches

If your dining room size – or dining room budget – doesn't leave room for storage furniture or accent pieces, a few well-chosen accessories can help you stamp your design personality on your space and make it the place to be for family and friends alike.

Our shortlist of dining room must-have accessories? First, great lighting is essential. Invest in a show-stopping ceiling pendant for over your dining room table and, if your room needs a tad more illumination, choose a floor lamp for a dark corner. Second, a rug. Rugs are a great way to add a pop of colour and a touch of texture – just make sure your chosen rug extends beyond the area where your dinner guests might reasonably be accommodated around the table. And third, something decorative. A bowl, vase or candelabra for your dining table, sideboard or console table will give your dining room a thoughtfully-designed, modern and creative look.

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