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6 black bedroom ideas

We know what you’re probably thinking – a black bedroom is the decoration choice of a moody teenager going through a rebellious phase, right? Well, there might be a bit more to this bold décor choice. Introduce black painted walls into your bedroom and provide a fantastic backdrop to show off brightly coloured furniture and accessories. Or pair with greys and whites for a sophisticated, monochrome look. Or try a sleek black colour scheme with metallics and choice lighting for modern appeal. See which look you prefer with our 6 stylish great black bedroom ideas.
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Black bedroom ideas – sliding wardrobe

1. Mix brooding black with cheerful colours

The first thing to remember with black bedroom ideas is that black need never be gloomy. If you’re planning a black bedroom, then fight back against the possibility of it looking too dark or closed in with some powerful shots of colour.

Go bold with hot pinks, turquoise and red – perhaps using them as accent colours, with a red rug, for example. Emerald green is effective as an accent colour too, as are metallics, giving you the perfect excuse to buy those opulent gold cushions. Add to a green scheme with some lush house plants.

You don’t have to just work with accessories either. Choose an unexpected piece of furniture that pops out against the black – the more elaborate the design, the better, as this will stand out even more. Perhaps you can find a bed frame or headboard in the perfect colour for your room – and a yellow sofa would add a splash of sunny colour, if you have the space.


2. Black on black

When it comes to black bedroom ideas, this is the approach that doesn’t compromise – the all-black bedroom, with black walls, floor and ceiling, and not forgetting black bedroom furniture. Can it be done? Yes. And more importantly, it can work wonderfully too.

An all-black bedroom can feel quite slick. The trick here is to go minimalist with your furniture, and choose pieces with clean, linear shapes. Just buy the essentials – an ottoman bed, in black of course, will take care of any storage issues, and make sure there isn’t anything lying around that can spoil the overall look. Then you can just keep it simple, perhaps with some bedside tables or a black chest of drawers to finish.

Some fitted black wardrobes that blend into the backdrop will also help with storage. Or consider a mirrored wardrobe if you’re worried about the colour scheme making the room claustrophobic.

Varying the textures and adding multiple light sources and mirrors can stop a black bedroom feeling too oppressive. Perhaps try an eye-catching chandelier for detail, strips of LED lights for added drama, and black cushions with covers made from different fabrics.


Black bedroom ideas – sliding mirrored wardrobe
Black bedroom ideas – white bed frame

3. Magnificent monochrome

Black and white; ebony and ivory; literally the yin and yang of the design world. If you think a black bedroom on its own might be too overwhelming, try balancing the effect with white. No list of black bedroom ideas would be complete without sleek, monochrome décor.

You can still go for black walls, but perhaps choose one as an accent wall, covered in an eye-catching black-and-white wallpaper with a flower, abstract or cool geometric design.

Then the bedroom furniture can be either colour... or both. White bedroom furniture may actually give you more choice, so you could stick to this for larger items, such as a wardrobe or dressing table, but add in black with a metal bed frame or a black mirror.

Accessorise with items in both colours, from white cushions to a black lampshade. A black and white rug can set the room off nicely, while varying textures and materials will stop the overall effect seeming too flat.


4. Embrace the power of greyscale

A black and grey bedroom has a very modern feel about it. Grey is very much the neutral of the moment, and while black and grey work well together on their own, they can be added to with just about any other colour – from bright pinks to zesty greens.

Grey is a great shade to introduce to a black bedroom if you’re worried about the overall effect feeling too much. Varying shades of grey can be used to soften the scheme, with different textures and patterns adding warmth and interest. Try a grey ottoman bed, covered in grey cushions, placed against a black wall for immediate impact.

Black-and-grey wall art or framed photos can look great on a black wall too. Art on black is bold and edgy.

Try creating a black and grey bedroom that features just a dash of its greatest complement: white. The three together add even more depth to a room when used as a backdrop for bright accent colours. This could be one of the most fashionable of our black bedroom ideas.


Black bedroom ideas – memory foam sprung mattress
Black bedroom ideas – stainless steel table lamp

5. Warm it up with rich woods

Natural textures add warmth and sophisticated style to a black bedroom, preventing the overall effect from feeling too dull. Wooden surfaces in particular work very well.

That means making the most of the effect, investing in some wooden bedroom furniture. You can start with a wooden bed, and from there add bedside tables and a chest of drawers. Darker rich woods can be very effective in contrast to black, so consider items like oak wardrobes.

Wood can be worked in with accessories too, from a floor lamp with wooden legs to a wooden mirror. Wooden floors against black walls look very striking also.

Working with black and wood could lean you towards a modern industrial style feel. In this case, mix up your furniture with a metal frame bed and some copper pendant lighting. As far as black bedroom ideas are concerned, this is a very chic approach.


6. Go glam with black and gold

Putting black with gold just screams decadence. A black bedroom will help any other colour to stand out against it, so in your own personal space, why not try the grandest colour of them all?

But don’t go too crazy – just a few accents or light touches here is fine. Go with a gold mirror, and then accessorise with gold cushions or a gold table lamp. Try a clock with some gold detailing too, and a modern gold chandelier will make a great focal point.

If using gold as an accent, then introduce other neutrals, such as white and grey, to give the room balance. Some white linen on the bed will set off those gold cushions nicely.

The trick is subtlety when it comes to gold – unless you’re an award-winning rapper, in which case ignore the above and go for it. But it really does look stunning when used with black.


We hope you've enjoyed our black bedroom ideas. The colour black in interior design is not for everyone, but when it's one right, it looks absoloutely fantastic.

Black bedroom ideas – round metal frame mirror


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