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How to design your first couple’s bedroom

Moving in with your S.O. is an exciting moment in any relationship. But it can also be a lesson in compromise, if your interior tastes don’t match. One of the biggest sticking points for couples is the bedroom - we do spend a third of our lives here after all. So here are our tips for designing a personal space that you’ll both feel at home in, and absolutely love.
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No matter how much you and your partner agree on everything else, when it comes to decorating the bedroom, you’re bound to have a difference in opinion at some point. Whether it’s the colour scheme, artwork, or whose bed goes in the flat – there’s something about the bedroom that can make us really dig our heels in, until it looks just how we want it to look. But if you and your beau’s visions for the room are already starting to clash, don’t panic. With a bit of patience, effort and creativity you can always find easy workarounds.

The art of compromise

While agreeing on décor can sometimes feel like a slog, our number one tip is compromise, compromise, compromise. Yes, the bedroom needs to reflect both of your personalities and styles, but that doesn’t mean you need to have a full-on debate about Every. Single. Item. in the room.

The easiest way to do this, is to keep the decorating process fun! Plan relaxing trips to high-end furniture shops to get a feel for what you both want. Schedule a date-night where you pop open a bottle of wine and hunt through magazines together for inspiration. Moving in together should be enjoyable and not hard work. So keep that front of mind the next time you feel like having the “chat” about your partner’s old rug or that collection of beer tankards you just can’t bear to see in the flat.

Do a quick inventory first

When moving in with your other half, it can be tempting to start afresh with furniture. But, before you splash out on any big ticket items, it’s worth doing a quick stock check of what you both already own. You never know you may be surprised to find your shabby chic bedside table, and your partner’s quirky artwork actually work better together than you first think. What’s more, once you’ve decided which items to keep, it’ll be easier to decide on a new décor scheme that works – and that won’t cost the earth.

Don’t blend tastes, find a middle ground

Sometimes the hardest part of sharing a space is deciding on a look you both love. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a gorgeous French-style bedroom with rustic furniture, while your partner can’t imagine an interior that’s anything but minimal and sleek.

While it’s tempting to try and blend both of your styles, it can lead to a clash that just doesn’t work. If you’re stuck in this position, one trick is to incorporate your preferences in smaller doses. Opt for a neutral wall colour and consider smaller accents that reflect both of your tastes, while maintaining an overarching décor with a clear style of its own. Chances are you’ve got a whole flat or house to design together too. So settling on a new theme makes it easier to keep the look consistent in every room.

Invest in the basics

While makes sense to hold onto old pieces of furniture if they’re good quality, with some items it’s best to start completely afresh. While picking a new mattress is often a rite of passage for couples, choosing new bedding every bit as important. After all, no-one wants to know the duvet they’re sleeping under has kept an ex warm too. It’s also worth investing in a good quality, comfy bed, that’ll last you two for years. High quality upholstered beds complete with an upholstered bed frame are always a safe bet, and will make lazy Sunday mornings spent in bed together all the more enjoyable.

Add romantic touches

When you live with a partner, it’s easy to forget about scheduling in quality time together. So make sure your bedroom helps keep the romance alive. Adding a few romantic touches and accessories can make your bedroom feel like so much more than just a place to rest your head. Consider spreading an assortment of soft, velvety cushions across your bed to create that loving vibe, or dotting pictures of the pair of you from the early stages of your relationship around the room. White candles are another touch that can easily transform a regular night into a romantic date-night in no time at all.

Opt for plenty of storage

You and your beau living together often means double the possessions, and double the clutter. Which is why it’s so important your new bedroom has plenty of storage space to hold your clothes, and other bits and bobs.

Opting for an upholstered bed with plenty of drawers built-in or an ottoman base is one way to solve the storage dilemma. And when it comes to your wardrobe, go large. A gorgeous mahogany wardrobe is perfect if you’re going for a classic or mid-century decor, or something sleek and modern with sliding doors suits a contemporary scheme, both will give you plenty of space for all your clothes and shoes. Nothing kills the romance more than seeing a pile of random bits of clothing scattered across your floor when you get home. So, by designing a room with plenty of storage space, you’ll have a more harmonious space to enjoy each other’s company – exactly why you decided to move in together in the first place.

Decorating your first couple’s bedroom can be a lot of fun. And while it’s a lesson in compromise, there’s always a way to find a look both of you can be happy with. From each person contributing a few items of their own, to including smaller accents and items that reflect both of your tastes, it’s an exciting and fun step in any relationship. Now all that’s left to do is for us to wish you good luck… although we hope with the above tips, you really won’t be needing it.


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