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Styling a kid's bedroom

It’s no surprise that children spend a lot of time in their bedroom, so it’s important that you create a space that reflects their personalities and that can be used for play, sleep and the dreaded…homework!
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With these five tips it’s easy to create a room that’s still stylish, but also practical - for little ones or teens… and everything in between! Time to become a big kid again.

Ask the expert

Use this time to get to know your child a little more - think of them as a consultant. Ask their opinions; what do they want to be able to do in their room? What colours do they like? Work together on this and see it as an adventure. There’s nothing like co-creation to make a decorating job a bit more fun and this way they will feel like it really is their room, which might make getting them to tidy it a little easier!

Neutral turf

Neutral colours are very popular for children’s bedrooms at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Grey can act as a great base colour for a room and you don’t have to keep it light; dark charcoal or granite look great with a simple cream bedstead, which is perfectly paired with colourful bedding, rugs, cushions and throws. Kids get bored quickly, so keeping it neutral will help to stop you having to reach for the paint brush as often!

Seeing double or more…

Decorating a room that is home to two or more little ones, doesn’t have to be a logistical challenge. With simple storage solutions like a hard-wearing storage cube, toys can be stored within its ergonomically designed, roomy compartments. Plus, if you need more than one, they can be stacked or positioned side by side effortlessly, saving space without having to compromise on style and ensuring there’s space for two to play.

Wall to wall fun

A chalkboard can help you turn a boring wall into a wall of possibilities and is a great way to keep younger kids busy. Encourage creativity by painting one wall in chalk paint and leaving a selection of chalks nearby – it might also prevent those dreaded accidents that leave your carefully hung wallpaper and soft carpets ‘decorated’ with felt tip ink!

Wall stickers are another great way to create eye-catching feature walls without the commitment of paint. Compliment a sticker wall with picture rails, but use them to display your child’s favourite books instead, for an instant update that will spark imagination.

Let there be light

Regardless of the budget you’re working to, there’s a creative lighting solution to suit everyone’s pockets, helping to highlight your fantastic new look perfectly. Compliment traditional celling lighting with budget friendly LED fairy lights, to soften the space. You can even use coloured bulbs make your kiddie master piece really pop!

Wall lights are also a good idea for children’s bedrooms as they can’t be knocked over. Use a dimmer switch to control them so you can check in on your little ones, without waking them up.


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