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Nordic style meets Japanese design: the Nordic Fusion trend.

When it comes to contemporary dining, there’s a new trend in town. Nordic Fusion is a superbly cool, sophisticated blend of Nordic design and Japanese style. Natural forms, innovative modern furniture, wood, pale walls and traditional crafts characterise Nordic style, while the Japanese tradition of simple yet functional design, balance and Zen like serenity in the home is thousands of years old.

Nordic Fusion combines the best of both worlds – the sleek, pared back elegance of Japanese design, the natural textures and warmth of the Nordic look and the simplicity and beauty of both. Read on for ideas on how to revitalise your dining room with Nordic Fusion.

Choose functional, beautiful wooden dining tables

Dining is central to both Nordic and Japanese cultures – and the dining table often takes centre stage in the main living area of the home.

Nordic dining has a modern, rustic feel with pale wooden dining tables or reclaimed wood and dark metal dining tables with clean and functional lines. Japanese influenced dining furniture can be dark stained, with simple square or elegant curved lines. Nordic Fusion allows a mix of light and dark, curved and straight – as long as the balance is harmonious.

Pair your dining table with dining chairs or dining benches that are as comfortable as they are beautiful – the only rule is that the design should be simple and elegant. Then channel your inner Zen as you place your table and chairs. Traditionally, placement of the Japanese dining table followed rules to maximise the harmonious feel of the space.

While it’s not practical to follow ancient Japanese etiquette to the letter, we can still make sure there’s plenty of ‘flow’ around our dining tables. Nobody should ever feel crowded when dining Nordic Fusion style.


nordic_fusion_table_top nordic_fusion_table_reveal

Nordic décor, just like Scandi style, tends to avoid large expanses of bold colour. Instead you’ll find fresh white walls, soft greys and natural wood colours and accent colours are subtle. Japanese design, in contrast, incorporates bolder colours and will use black and even red with great effect. Nordic Fusion embraces both styles. Black metal legs define a wooden dining table while black stained pieces of furniture add to the richness of this exciting look.

Grey tiled floors and lush green houseplants work beautifully with natural wood. Houseplants are popular in Nordic homes, while the Japanese have shown their love of nature for centuries, bringing the outdoors in with their use of bamboo, bonsai plants and other greenery.

Airy spaces with natural lighting

Light is key to Nordic interior design and Japanese style alike. Wide open, airy spaces free of clutter and instead filled with natural daylight are common to both looks.

Choose hidden storage to hide away any clutter, perhaps a modern sideboard with clean lines and no handles. Alternatively, put just a few treasured items on display on an open shelving unit. In both Japanese and Nordic homes, almost everything serves a purpose as well as being beautiful.

In your airy, bright Nordic Fusion dining and living area make sure you have no heavy curtains blocking the natural light, opaque or bamboo blinds inspired by Japanese screens give you privacy but allow plenty of light through.

For the evenings, choose practical, functional yet elegant ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps in bold modern shapes to illuminate family dinners or suppers with friends.



Pick accessories in bold colours, patterns and natural textures

The beauty of the Nordic Fusion look is that – as long as you don’t overdo it – you can make your dining space unique with carefully chosen accessories and furnishings. Bring in Nordic inspired texture and pattern with a sheepskin or geometric rug or a richly quilted dining or accent chair. Or add sleek Japanese inspired elegance with nest of black side tables. Fill tall, simple vases with twisted branches and don’t forget plants with just the right amount of Zen for a relaxing vibe. Contemporary accessories that fit this look include the must-have round mirror with metallic frame silk abstract graphic cushions, geometric lighting and table lamps with bold black shades. Finally, think about replacing rustic Nordic homeware with Japanese inspired ceramics – an exquisite finishing touch for your Nordic Fusion dining room.



With Nordic Fusion you can create a simple yet sophisticated dining space that combines spacious simplicity and bold design with warmth, texture and beautiful natural elements.

We hope you feel inspired to create your own favourite Fusion dining experience. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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