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Get ready for luxurious Christmas lie-ins

‘A lie in at Christmas? You’ve got to be joking!’ is a familiar cry. After all there’s the turkey (or veggie roast) to tend to, relatives to pick up, the house to clean, last minute presents to wrap. This list goes on and on. And, if young children are involved, Christmas may be magical but it could start in the early hours. Thankfully Christmas lasts longer than one day, so you should get a chance to catch up on that beauty sleep at some point over the holidays. Read on for our tips on how to make the most of those cosy Christmas lie ins, in a bedroom you’ll love to wake up to.
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The perfect time for a Christmas lie in

Chrimbo Limbo, Witching Week, Twixtmas, Food Week, No Man’s Week… there are plenty of names for that time between Christmas and New Year when it’s easy to lose track of time and even forget what day it is. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the ideal time to catch up on sleep. The nights are long, and dark, there’s no work to go to in the morning and we have all our home comforts around us. What could be better?



Christmas lie ins are good for you

A study in 2010 at the University of Pennsylvania and University of South Australia* showed that just one ten-hour lie-in improved the effects of five nights of sleep deprivation. So you have the perfect excuse to demand a lie in this Christmas – snuggling up in your sleep sanctuary for longer is good for your health and your brainpower!



Treat yourself to a great night’s sleep this Christmas

There’s nothing quite like a long lie in your own bed, where you feel completely relaxed. And it pays to make sure your bed is comfortable – a good night’s sleep is just as important for your health and wellbeing as diet and exercise. The Sleep Council suggests changing your mattress every seven to ten years. If you think yours needs replacing, you can use our online mattress finder to help you find the best type for you, or visit your local Furniture Village for expert help from our trained sleep consultants.



Buy the best bed you can afford

If you’re thinking about giving yourself the gift of a better night’s sleep this Christmas, you may have to look further than simply treating yourself to new bedding and pillows. To upgrade your Christmas lie in from economy to first class, it’s worth getting the best quality divan base or bed frame that you can afford – one that’s supportive as well as looking stylish. Now’s the time to look out for those Winter sale offers where you can pick up some incredible bed bargains.



Set the stage for stylish Christmas lie-ins

When you’re enjoying a lazy breakfast in bed over the Christmas holidays, will you look around your bedroom and like what you see? We spend so much time there, yet all too often the bedroom is an afterthought when it comes to home décor. An accent armchair can completely transform the feel of a bedroom, making the statement that this not just a place to sleep but a place to relax in too. Choose one that suits the style of your bedroom – we have everything from modern tub chairs to grand wingback armchairs in a wide choice of upholstery from buttoned leather to velvety chenilles.



…and create a bedroom look you love

New bedroom furniture will create the perfect setting for lie-ins at Christmas, or any time. Do you love glamorous boutique bedroom or Deco style? Think mirrored dressing tables and grand upholstered headboards. Prefer the modern look? Consider sleekly styled semi-fitted wardrobes and glossy bedroom furniture from chests of drawers to bedside cabinets. And, if you crave a classic bedroom, there’s plenty of choice there too – cream painted or oak bedroom furniture never goes out of style.



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