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How To Organise Your Home Office Furniture

Whether you use it for work or just for keeping on top of running your household, a home office can be a magnet for clutter.
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In fact, it’s so prone to mess that there’s even a day dedicated to sorting it out – and this year it falls on March 10.

Here are our top tips for organising your home office – feel free to follow them at anytime.

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1. Sort out your storage

However, there’s little point in attempting to tidy-up unless have a place to put things away.

Think about whether your current layout works for you here too. A corner desk such as the Dijon corner desk really makes the most of tight spaces, for example.

2. Let there be light

In order to read properly and work efficiently, any home office needs good lighting to be able to see what you are doing. But that doesn’t mean that you always have to rely on a ceiling pendant or spotlights.

Table lamps can help to define a workspace and allow you to shine beams in different directions depending on what task lies before you.

The Station Desk floor lamp is a great choice for this as it stands on the floor rather than the desk, leaving your working area clear.

3. Take notice

Wall space can often go overlooked in the home office yet it can prove to be very useful.

Adding a notice board will give you somewhere to keep reminders about important dates and deadlines in a place you can’t miss them.

You might also consider adding an inspirational or calming piece of wall art to keep you motivated on Monday mornings or through stressful periods.

Our Times Square Glass Picture is a stunning design that will make you feel like you are gazing out on the Big Apple without ever leaving the front door.

4. Are you sitting comfortably?

Without a supportive or stylish office chair, it may be that you are not making the most use of your home office as you should.

You need to ensure it is at the right height for your home office desk or work space and if several family members use the space, it might help if it is adjustable too.

You don’t have to sacrifice form for function though. The Old Charm Home Office Chair is sensible yet stylish and available in a range of wood and fabric finishes.

5. Keep time

When you’ve got a big project to finish or are just absorbed in a hobby, it can be easy for hours to turn into days when you get your home office furniture just right.

To stay on track, why not choose a wall clock to help you keep track of the time?

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