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Ditch the clutter, get organised and banish those January Blues
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The decorations are down for another year, and you’ve vacuumed up the tinsel and pine needles. You’re struggling with all the post-Christmas clutter, battling through Dry January and – on top of all that – it’s dark, cold and raining outside. No wonder many of us feel like crawling under the duvet and staying there till early Spring.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little bit of reorganisation, savvy storage solutions and some determined decluttering you can turn your house, and your mood, around. And before you know it, you’ll have a home that lifts your spirits every time you walk through the door. Now, isn’t that a better way to start 2018?


Love your living room

If your lounge feels more dumping ground than chill out zone, think about what really needs to be there. There’s a whole list of things you could banish, from books and magazines you’ve already read to pictures and ornaments you no longer love. Remember, take no prisoners, if it doesn’t belong then it has to go. If you have piles of pesky paperwork tucked into a corner, move it to the desk in spare room, the bureau in the hall or the filing cabinet under the stairs. And those stray DVD box sets you’ve already watched? Find them somewhere else to live.

You might find that once you’ve cleared the decks you have more room than you realised. How about treating yourself to a spacious, sleek sofa such as the modern Evolve fabric corner chaise sofa? It has clean lines, slim arms and metal legs, so it creates a feeling of calm and of extra space. A corner sofa is space-saving and, as the undisputed focal point of the room, sends a clear message that your living room is dedicated to relaxation.

Now you’ve cleared out the living room clutter, your next job is to organise what’s left. There’s only so much you can fit on to a mantelpiece or window ledge without straying into ‘ornament overload’ territory. A better way to display those pictures of family and friends, and treasured keepsakes is in a perfectly proportioned display cabinet or on some gorgeous shelving such as the Elmari shelving from Content at Conran. That way you can show off what really matters in one designated area, without your whole room resembling a bric-a-brac store.

Now for the stuff to be stored out of sight. This could be cosy throws for chilly evenings, favourite family games or those crossword or puzzle books. TV stands and sideboards are one solution, but another is hidden storage. The Odeon corner chaise sofa bed is roomy and sociable with a chaise end you’ll love stretching out, a slide out guest bed and built in storage. Now that’s a brilliant piece of multifunctional furniture.


Another idea is the storage footstool. This versatile piece of furniture can be used as extra seating as well as a footstool, and under the hinged lid is a place to stow away those puzzle books and much more. We love the Carolina footstool and G Plan’s Malvern footstool, both available in a choice of leathers and fabrics.

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Reclaim your bedroom

It’s easy to forget how important the bedroom is (a good night’s sleep is fundamental to our health and well-being). Unfortunately, the bedroom is even more likely to become a dumping ground than the living room or kitchen. Common problems are piles of washed clothes, drying laundry, dusty exercise equipment, bin bags of stuff for the charity shop, paperwork, unused electronics and more. Ask yourself this question, can you really sleep in such a crowded, busy space? In fact, can you even get to the bed without some serious gymnastic moves?

If this sounds familiar, you need to do some serious decluttering if you want your bedroom to be an oasis of calm. Be ruthless and if you don’t love it or use it, let it go. Charity shop it, sell it or take it to the dump. You’ll feel so much better when you’ve got space to breathe, you may wonder how you held on to it all for so long.

But of course, even after decluttering you will still have clothes, shoes and other bits and pieces to organise. For a tidy bedroom that feels roomy you need great storage. We have beautiful classic and modern wardrobes to choose from, in every size. You can also gain extra storage space for your spare bedding, seasonal clothes and more if you choose an ottoman bedframe. We love he modern Babylon bedframe in sleek leather with its adjustable headrests. Or you could opt for a divan bed with storage such as the luxurious Hypnos Lustrous Alpaca easy store divan set.


Brighten up your life

Once you’ve banished the clutter and got serious about storage, your home will – hopefully – be feeling calm, spacious and serene. Feeling better already? Now you can think about the next step towards a home you truly love, making it light, bright and beautiful ready for Spring. So when you’re ready, you can get out those paint charts and think about lighting and accessories such as mirrors, wall art, rugs and cushions. Don’t forget to browse other articles in our Inspiration Hub for some great ideas, and – above all – have fun!


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