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Heritage Crafts Photography Competition Exhibition

We are delighted to announce that, to celebrate London’s first ever Craft Week (6 - 10 May), Furniture Village has sponsored and orchestrated The Heritage Craft’s Association’s first ever photography exhibition. As part of its ongoing support for heritage crafts in the UK, Furniture Village has chosen to celebrate the stories behind, and work undertaken by, practitioners of traditional British crafts. We hope that this will draw attention to the need to preserve their rare and impressive skills as well as to support craft-making in local areas.

The winners of the three categories were announced on Thursday 7 May at the exhibition launch. These photographs, and other ones from the shortlist, will be exhibited at The Prince’s Foundation, Charlotte Road, London until Friday 15 May. The gallery is open to the public but will be closed on Sunday 10 May.

The winners were as follows:

  • Craftspeople at Work – Lucy Saggers from Hambleton, North Yorkshire. Lucy’s winning entry was entitled “Farrier Tom at work in late winter sun.”

Entrants were required to send a single photograph of craftspeople (or just one craftsperson) in the act of making, or with a finished product, something we can really appreciate here at Furniture Village as many of our sofas, dining tables and other furniture pieces are specially handcrafted. The judges enjoyed Lucy’s eye-catching image, and how it reflected the diversity of crafts in the UK.

  • The Essence of Crafts – Linda Laird from Kirwall, Orkney. Linda’s winning entry was a series of photographs of Kevin Gauld’s Orkney Chair.

Entrants were required to send a series of three photographs which represent the photographer’s vision of crafts in the UK. The photography was allowed to cover one single craft, or a range of many. The judges enjoyed the connected story expressed through Linda’s three images.

  • The winner of the Under-16 category was Gabriel Langley from County Durham

As well as having the prestige of seeing their work put up on display, both senior winners received £250, and the junior won £100.

  • The overall winner, and official Craft Photographer of the Year, was Lucy Saggers who won an additional £250.

The competition opened to the British public (including both professional and amateur photographers) on Boxing Day of 2014. The four judges of the competition were:

1. Charlie Harrison, Director of Marketing for Furniture Village

2. Jon Henley, feature writer for The Guardian

3. Robin Wood, Chair of the Heritage Crafts Association

4. Nick Hand, professional photographer (

The Heritage Crafts Association ( is the advocacy body for traditional heritage crafts, to support and promote the importance of saving them. Working in partnership with Government and key agencies, it provides a focus and collective hub for craftspeople, groups, societies and guilds, as well as individuals who care about the loss of traditional crafts skills, and who want to work towards a healthy and sustainable framework in the future.

The Heritage Crafts Association is the only organisation that aims to safeguard and promote traditional craft skills in the UK. We’ve created a focus, bringing the sector together for the first time. Its aim is to ensure that crafts are sustained as an inheritance for the future.

The HCA is a Registered Charity (1133646) and Charitable Incorporated Organisation (1159208)


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