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Mellow Yellow

Spring has finally sprung and there is no better way to welcome the warm weather than by incorporating some warm yellow tones into the home.
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Yellow is a warm tone that raises spirits and reflects light, meaning that it will keep spaces feeling light and airy all year round. It also comes in a wide range of shades, which means that those who want to make a bold statement can do so; those who would prefer a more subtle warm tone or accent piece will also have an abundance of options from which to choose.

At the more subtle end of the scale, yellow is perfect for use as an accent colour with more neutral pieces of large furniture. The Harlequin Sophie small footstool is an ideal example of this. It would provide a splash of colour in any room and can be easily incorporated into a colour scheme based on creams and browns. Further accessories can then be added, such as cushions or ornaments, to pull together a coherent and styled look with yellow at its heart.

For a slightly more bold statement, while still using yellow as an accent colour, adding a yellow armchair to a room is a great way to add a bit of sunshine to a dark space. The Harlequin Juliet chair combines a bright tone with traditional design and a luxurious velvet fabric. This makes it compatible with a range of house styles and room décor, as it would fit perfectly into either a modern, minimalist design or a more classical setting.

Although yellow may be seen as a bold choice, the variety of shades available and the range of yellow furniture on the market means that there is bound to be a piece to fit every room.


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