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To-die for home office décor schemes that will make you want to work

In this piece we’ll delve into all things interior design when giving advice on how to create a stunning home office that is well and truly you.
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To-die for home office décor schemes that will make you want to work

Office work is continuously diversifying from beyond the dreaded cubicle. More and more people have the option to work from home, so it’s increasingly important to create a space that sparks inspiration and motivation. But what décor will work for you? Read on for tips on how to create your dream study, from the perfect home office furniture, to cool décor themes that will get your creative juices flowing.

The trend of working from home is set to continue with a recent survey from Forbes finding that 24% of employed people currently enjoy working from home. For those that are jumping on the bandwagon, the study space should be seen as one of the most important rooms in the home. But that’s not always the case, and it often goes unnoticed – an abandoned corner of your house with an old desk and haphazard piles of paper, which you find yourself dreadingstepping foot in, never mind working in.

It’s time for a revamp. Having a home office that looks good and feels great will improve your morale, keep you focused and actually make you want to work, so it’s worth putting some effort into getting it right. It’s a given that the room should be functional, but it’s also important that it has the right atmosphere to keep you engaged. From the colour of the wallsto the lighting and the furniture, all elements of your home office should work in unison.

Here we’ll take you through our favourite décor schemes of the moment, so you can create a stunning home office that will have you reaching for your laptop immediately.

1. Brooklyn loft

That industrial, New York apartment trend is showing no signs of disappearing any time soon. It works in bedrooms and living rooms, but what about incorporating it into your study space? This laid-back look will help you keep your cool when you’ve got that big deadline looming. It’s all about exposed brick and warehouse-style walls, but don’t worry if you don’t live in a building that will accommodate this. There are other ways to bring these urban elements into your work space, from choosing a mixture of vintage and contemporary furniture, to focusing on leathers, metals and raw wooden finishes for the ultimate in industrial chic.

New York apartments are known for their bright and airy interiors, so a well-lit room is key.If you’re lucky enough to have a room with lots of natural daylight – make the absolute most of it with pared back blinds as opposed to heavy curtains. Not only will it give the space thattypical loft-living feel, it will actually help you work too. Natural lighting controls your melatonin levels, making you feel alert and awake – reducing your chance of getting drowsy and dozing off when you’re supposed to be working.

If you’re not blessed with a sun-flooded room, some trendy lighting fixtures will do the trick, as long as you choose warm white-based bulbs over bluer light (which can lead to the space looking a little morgue-ish – yikes!). Choose Oversized Bulb Ceiling Lights, or the Chrome Tripod Spotlight Floor Lamp for that laid-back industrial feel, or play around with some neon signs to achieve that modern vibe with a retro twist.

Oversized Lightbulb
Tripod Spotlight

2. Clean and spacious

This trend is all about creating a clean, distraction free zone. Remember what they always say – acluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Rather than sifting through piles of paper, keep everything nicely in its place by taking a minimalist and organised approach to your décor.

When it comes to choosing home office furniture for this scheme, keep things simple and contemporary. This South Street Brooklyn Bridge Computer Desk ticks all the boxes, and even has a hidden drawer to keep all your essentials in the one place and prevent that dreaded pens-scattered-everywhere look.

Next, think carefully about shelving. Try to choose something streamlined and modern but with plenty of space to help keep mess at bay. To achieve a spacious, open-plan look that’s modern to thecore, consider something quirky like this distinctive Content by Conran Elmari Alcove Shelving.

Finally, while the clean and spacious look follows the “less is more” mantra, don’t be afraid to add some personality with a few subtle pops of colour. As long as your décor consists of clean lines and nothing too ornate, there’s still room to play around with funkier bits of design – think geo-print wall art or a pastel coloured plant pot.

3. Urban jungle

Feel at one with nature… even when you’re stuck in the office. Houseplants are continuing to have a serious moment in interior design, with our favourite Instagram accounts bursting with photos of homes looking like beautifully styled greenhouses. And not only do they look great, but having plants in the office has serious health benefits too.

From improving your memory and reducing stress, to increasing productivity and making you happier while you work, the case for going green in your study is strong. For a home office that’s bang on-trend and totally productivity-inducing, we’re loving Spider Plants, Aloe, English Ivy, Jade Plants, and Snake Plants. They’re all fairly low maintenance and compliment an indoor-meets-outdoor vibe perfectly.

The key to this look is to make sure that the plants are the main focus of the room – let them stand out as a décor theme in themselves as opposed to being a mere afterthought. Avoid letting things get too cluttered by going for neutral tones and minimal accessories elsewhere.Classic neutral and earthy shades are always a good choice, keeping you calm and complementing the green tones of the plants.

We hope these home office décor schemes have given you the inspiration you need to transform your workspace into something special. Whether you choose one theme or combine elements of all three (stranger things have happened!), one thing’s for sure – next time you work from home, you’ll be doing so in style.


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