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Stylish storage ideas for every room

Dining rooms have sideboards, living rooms have TV units, and bedrooms have chests of drawers – but what are the best home storage ideas for kitchens, home offices and guest rooms? Join us on a room-by-room tour of stylish storage solutions that hide the clutter and clever storage ideas for smaller houses that make the most of compact spaces.
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Shelving Storage

Home storage ideas for living rooms: Sofas with storage and more

Almost every type of living room furniture offers the possibility for useful storage. So, along with traditional living room home storage ideas like shelving units and TV cabinets, consider a coffee table with shelves and alcoves, modular entertainment centres, and lamp tables with drawers – especially useful if you’re looking for small house storage ideas.

For storage space that can make a real difference to your ability to stay on top of the clutter, choose a sofa that does double duty – a fabulously comfortable place to sit and relax plus plenty of hidden storage space built right in. Look out for chaise end sofas, corner sofas beds and ottoman footstools that conceal roomy spaces big enough for extra cushions, board games and even bedding.

Home storage ideas for dining rooms: Sideboards and beyond

Think of dining room storage and, most likely, a sideboard will come to mind. But there are sideboards, and there are sideboards. Today’s versions are a far cry from the bulky designs of yesteryear. They’re sleek, modern and cleverly designed – the perfect combination of show-stopping style and useful, practical storage space. And they’re not just for dinner plates and serving dishes, either. If you don’t have a home office storage system like a filing cabinet, a large sideboard can be a great place to safely store family documents, photo albums and memorabilia.

If you’re looking for clever storage ideas for small houses, a tall and narrow display unit is a great way to optimise floor space. Seek out one with both cupboard space and open shelving so you can keep some things tucked out of sight and others proudly on display.

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Home storage ideas for bedrooms: Create a clutter-free retreat

If your wardrobes and chests of drawers are full to bursting, it’s time to think outside the box. Luckily, it’s easy to find clever bedroom home storage ideas – multi-functional pieces that look great and make it easy to keep your bedroom neatly organised and free of clutter.

If you need more drawer space, think creatively. Opt for a small chest of drawers instead of a traditional bedside table, and remember that tall and narrow chests of drawers take up less floor space than wide cabinets. And give serious consideration to a dressing table for extra drawer space, useful surface space, and a way to ease those morning queues for the bathroom mirror.

And so to bed. A striking ottoman bed frame delivers on fabulous style as well as roomy storage space as its under bed compartment is typically about the same size as the bed itself. It’s the perfect place for pillows, duvets and even your winter woolly sweaters.

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Home storage ideas for kitchens: Cupboards, cabinets and dressers

You can never have too much kitchen storage. Even if you have plenty of built-in kitchen cabinets, you’ll always find use for extra cupboard space. (There’s a reason why kitchens always used to have pantries).

We love the look of a kitchen sideboard with a glazed hutch on top. Reminiscent of a traditional country kitchen oak dresser, this configuration works well even in a modern kitchen and provides spacious storage below plus generous display space above.

Got a compact kitchen and need some small house storage ideas? The proportions of a small sideboard are similar to most double kitchen cabinets and are a good option if you have a corner to fill. Need an extra work surface? A stylish console table could be just the thing.


Home storage ideas for home offices: Simplify the working day

If you work from home, need a designated space for your kids’ homework, or simply want a quiet place to respond to emails and pay bills, a well-designed home office – even if that’s simply a corner of your dining room – can make life so much easier. If yours is more compact, choose space-maximising small house storage ideas. A desk with storage features like drawers, shelves and even a built-in filing cabinet ensures that everything you need will be close to hand and hidden from view.

Complete the look with a bookcase that accommodates large files and books and lets you curate a stylish and attractive display of some of your favourite things. You’ll find it the perfect antidote to that lengthy conference call.

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Home storage ideas for guest rooms: Make the most of the spare room

You may refer to your spare room as the guest room, but how often do you actually have guests to stay? If you play host only occasionally it makes sense to turn the spare room into a multi-functional space – comfortable for guests, but also a useful room for family members whether it’s a teen chill out zone, a sewing and crafting room, or even an extra sitting room.

Furnish it with carefully-selected home storage ideas that maximise space and increase its versatility, like a sofa bed with space for pillows and duvets, a desk or bookcase, and a small 2-door wardrobe with drawers – useful extra storage space from a stylish piece of furniture that doesn’t shout bedroom.

Home storage ideas for children’s bedrooms: Furnish it for the future

Children tend to be allocated the smaller bedrooms, and why not? When they’re little, everything’s smaller – their clothes, their possessions and their need for space. But as children grow so does their need for larger furniture, more storage space and bigger beds. That’s why it’s smart to think ahead and look at versatile children’s bedroom furniture, modular solutions that make it easy to add extra storage, and beds with built in storage like divan beds with drawers and single ottoman beds.

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We hope that you feel inspired by our home storage ideas for every room. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.

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