Made from the finest natural materials including solid elm, beech, ash and oak.
From timeless classics like the Loveseat and the Butterfly Chair to modern masterpieces like the Romana.

A beautiful blend

Woods showing off the beauty of the grain blend in beautifully with modern materials such as acrylic, metallic and glass. Enhance the feeling of relaxation with plants and carefully selected accessories in shades of green. Cork and woven fabrics bring natural texture while splashes of monochrome pattern add interest and contrast.

"Dining indoors is given an al fresco flavour this season. The Mikado dining collection brings together glass, acrylic and wood. Layer stone hues, glowing metallics, splashes of green and natural textures such as cork and woven fabrics to create a grounded, tranquil space."

Elma Malik

Cabinet Buyer


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Boho chic
Boho chic keeps the colour palette clean and simple. This pared back artistic look draws attention to beautifully crafted pieces of furniture and interesting accessories.
Deep sea
Bring the calming influence of the ocean into your home with cool aquatic blues and rich navy tones. Simple, serene and easy to recreate.
Expressive bloom
Deeper hues, richer fabrics and expressive modern florals bring vibrancy and warmth to the bedroom. Intense, jewel like tones shine against shimmering greys and shades of stone.
Iconic style
Iconic pieces of furniture lend themselves to the contemporary home. Bright colours and natural materials shine against an off-white canvas. Lines are clean and often curvilinear.
Pastel pop
Pastel pinks and lilacs grounded by softer greys and muted tones. To keep this look edgy and dynamic, soft furnishings are paired with stronger, geometric statement pieces.
Rich electic
Warm colours, rustic design, subtle geometrics and bold contrasting ethnic prints encapsulate the relaxed rich eclectic look. Relax in luxuriously comfortable style.